I have known a few men who live alone and are single. Their homes are very messy. All of the women that I know that live alone are spotlessly clean.

All this makes me realize that men and women do have differences unlike what the feminists say.

It is as if they complement each other. Each supplies what each lacks.

This had to of been the way God designed us.

Its as if the natural law ordains marriage in humans.

I’m not quite sure the point you’re trying to make. However, I am a single male (for 5.5 more months ;)) and my dwelling is very clean. So much so that when my fiance comes over after I’ve cleaned, I have to inform her I cleaned and she just laughs. She is a messier person than I am, in general. I don’t think it is as black and white as you make it sound.

With that said, we do compliment each other very well. I am a scheduler, I like everything in my planner months in advance, and she is a relaxed, spontaneous girl. I love that about her. Even if it is difficult for me sometimes. She lives life with less stress in some areas and has challenged me to be available to change. It has been a very rewarding experience. That’s just one area.

I’m far messier that FH.

My husband is a neat freak. He is the opposite of what you describe. Yes, men and women do compliment each other because that is the way God made us but the differences are not found in cultural stereotypes you are proposing here. I think in general and in a vague sense, I’ve listen to women complain about what slobs their husbands are but I laugh to myself if there were married to someone who is extremely neat, they would be grateful for the slob. :smiley:

I’m a tornado twister as are 2 of my 3 brothers. One is neat.

My boyfriend’s apartment is neat. My female best friend (who has a small child) has a messy apartment, my good friend, male, has a very organized, if not a bit cluttered apartment.

Sorry, the order of an apartment isn’t necessarily when men and women should be married.

Complementarity is a good reason for marriage, but not all women are clean and not all men are messy. Those called to marriage need to find a spouse that helps balance them out in whatever areas they struggle with in life.

I am have been a widower for over 28 years. I have a young woman I pay, who comes in twice a week to clean, straighten out the mess, and take my laundry out to be done. She is very close to being the daughter I never had (I had three sons).
It is one h**l of a lot cheaper both financially and emotionally than being married!
Just call me an old curmudgeon ! HAH!!!

Ha! I’m messy. I’m a woman. My husband is messy. And now we live together and it’s multiplied.

When I look around at my non-relative friends and acquaintances, that seems to be true. The women tend to be more cleaning-oriented than the men. But it sure ain’t true for me and my dh. Then again, there are multiple ways in which we are the opposite of the stereotype. His whole family, especially the men (Dad and 3 sons), are impecable. My whole family varies between “not that neat” and “complete slob.”

It’s like with toilets. I have stubbornly checked out female toilets (just out of curiousity many times. :o++) Way cleaner than those for males.

Keeping that aside, what’s the point re marriage? :confused:

Celibate people also have to clean there homes.:smiley:

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