May I get married having a prior arrangement telling that we will never have intimate relations like the Virgin Mary did?

It is called a Josephite marriage. It can be done, but only by mutual consent of the spouses and under a spiritual director. Either spouse or the spiritual director can unilaterally rescind the agreement if he/she no longer perceives it is beneficial to the couple.

right, in other words, you can agree to never have marital relations, however, you also have to agree that if the person you marry ever changes their mind you will then have relations. You cant refuse to have relations with your spouse without a good reason. Just not wanting to have relations is not sufficient.

You can, but why would you want to? If you are seeking a celibate life there are other options. Marriage is a difficult vocation. I have at times wished that I chose a different path. Don’t get me wrong, we are happy and our marriage is strong, but our kids are the glue that sticks us together. In a Josephite marriage, those blessings won’t come.

I just ask. I was curious if the marriage of the Virgin Mary with Joseph could be cause of annulation for that reason.

Nope. A Josephite marriage is a valid, sacramental marriage. The sole exception to the standard teaching is that a marriage which has never been consummated may be dissolved by the Church under certain circumstances. This would not be an annulment.

Consent brings forth a valid marriage. Consummation makes a valid marriage indissoluable between the baptized. The Pope can dissolve an unconsummated marriage for a serious reason.

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