Marriage ?

2 non christians let’s say for discussion sake 2 Muslims that are man and women civilly married enter RCIA together do they need to stop being intimate until they enter the church?

I was reading a blog about 2 Muslims that became catholic and their priest told them this and they did what he told them for the entire 6 month wait

Assuming that it was a first marriage for both of them, they married validly and had a natural marriage. When both of them were baptized the valid natural marriage became a valid sacramental marriage.

…which means they would not have to abstain, because a validly married couple does not sin by having sex.

Only if there is a doubt about the validity of their marriage would they have to abstain. I don’t know what the situation was for the couple you mentioned, but perhaps there was some kind of unique case of doubt about their specific marriage’s validity.

And, of course, that’s always the issue. We hear a part of the story and make a comment based on that. Presumably the priest has heard the whole story and had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify matters. His judgment may or may not have been correct, but he was actually involved in the situation in a way that we can’t possibly be.

No it was both their only marriage they met when they were 19

Yes they are validly married and no they do not need to stop being intimate or anything else. Their marriage is valid, period.

The article does not actually say their priest told them this.

This is the teaching of the Church. It applies also to non-Catholic Christians or to the non-baptized: their valid natural marriage becomes sacramental when they are both baptized, and no further action is required.

This is one reason that annulments may investigate non-Catholic, and even non-Christian marriages. Those outside of Catholic jurisdiction are not held to Catholic rules of marriages, but those wishing to marry in the Church do have to show that they are free to marry–and the presumption is that every marriage is valid unless there is evidence that it is not.

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