I have a question. If a natural marriage can be dissolved for just cause, what is the Catholic’s motive for a sacramental marriage that is not? After all thought no one certainly should be getting married with the intentions of s divorce well things can happen. What;s different in the sacramental marriage?


In either case, people can marry for the wrong reasons or with wrong conditions

Catholic Marriage



What if a baptized catholic decides to marry someone that isn’t baptized civilly can they or the catholic anyway take the Eucharist? What if the unbaptized person later decides to be baptized does the marriage automatically become a sacrament?


If the Catholic follows the correct procedures and receives the appropriate dispensations, yes, the Catholic remains in good standing with the Church and has a valid natural marriage.

Yes, it does.


Marriage existed before Christ, of course, but He elevated to a sacrament, and sacraments give grace. From the Catechism:

[quote=]Christian spouses are fortified and, as it were, consecrated for the duties and dignity of their state by a special sacrament… By reason of their state in life and of their order, [Christian spouses] have their own special gifts in the People of God." This grace proper to the sacrament of Matrimony is intended to perfect the couple’s love and to strengthen their indissoluble unity. By this grace they “help one another to attain holiness in their married life and in welcoming and educating their children.”

So in other words, we should want a sacramental marriage because it is through the sacrament we obtain what we need to become better parents and partners, attain holiness, and ultimately get to heaven. While these things are absolutely possible to achieve within a natural marriage, it is more difficult without the grace from the sacrament.


I don’t understand your question about a motive for a sacramental marriage. If the Catholic marries another baptized person, the marriage is sacramental; no additional steps are needed. If the Catholic marries a non-baptized person, the marriage is natural and will remain so unless/until the spouse is baptized.

You make it sound like the Catholic is given a choice whether the marriage will be sacramental or not. It’s based on the baptismal status of the two spouses.


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