question? i got married years ago in the church. got divorced, remarried with a J.P. i think i know the answer. does the church still consider my first marriage as valid?


If you were married in the church and do not have an annulment for that prior marriage, then yes the church still considers you to be married to your first wife (unless she is deceased - then you are free to marry).


Your first Marriage is valid, your second isn’t unless there is grounds for an annulment. Here is more information on the matter: Annulment


You are still considered married to your first wife unless:
a) she is deceased, or
b) she received an annulment for your first marriage already


thanks, that is what i thought.


Not only that, lav, but you know what the Church considers you to be in a state of right now as a divorced, remarried Catholic without a decree of nullity (unless you are living as brother and sister). . .

Mortal sin.

Have you thought about pursuing a decree of nullity for your first marriage so that if granted you can have your current marriage convalidated and be free to receive the sacraments again?


I am on a roll. got divorced from secong wife. so am i still in a mortal sin state?


Divorce is not necessarily a sin. It is the living with someone else who is not your wife which is the problem. As others have mentioned, it’s quite possible to submit your first marriage (and your second) for consideration as to its validity by a marriage tribunal.


So you divorced your second wife? Well, then I guess just go to confession about your second marriage, and then I guess you are fine, but you can’t get married again unless you go through annulments for the first wife. (I don’t think you would need annulments for the second).


A relative of mine is in the same situation. She needed to go to confession and was free to receive the Sacraments. The condition of this is she needs to remain single and have no relations with any man (except for her first husband, though she certainly wouldn’t want that) unless her first marriage were to be found invalid.


i am not commiting a sin mortal sin now, correct?


thanks, i am very sick, so can not get to confession. so i will just have to ask jesus to forgive me.


You need to confess your last marriage, otherwise its a mortal sin. But once you confess it (which it sounds like you have.) You need to remain single and chaste.

You are correct if you have already gone to confession. :thumbsup:


Unless you’ve gone to confession concerning having sexual relations with your second wife - then you are in a state of mortal sin. It doesn’t mean that you are commiting a mortal sin right this moment.



Sorry, we posted at the same time. Even if you are sick, call up the closest catholic church and schedule a confession with the priest. Priests do this all the time. Doing that is the best possible thing to do. You could ask Jesus for forgiveness, but since he left confession as a sacrement to the catholic church, also follow through with the confession.


Priests make home visits too…Call one.


Come on lav. If you’re well enough to post on a computer you’re well enough to pick up that phone–or even e-mail–your parish priest.


I am sure a priest would be glad to come on over given the graveness of the sin and your illness.


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