Marriages, annulments, RCIA, etc

I have written multiple posts in this forum and also in the "Evangelization" forum offering my heartfelt support and loving prayers to posters who write about being in marriage situations and are wanting to become Catholic, already in RCIA or not, seeking an annulment, a spouse's annulment, etc. and frankly I've grown weary of the posts I see following mine.

I just want EVERYONE to know that I'm always praying for folks involved in these situations and that I will continue to offer rosaries, Holy Hours, novenas, and other prayerful support. So even when you don't see a post with tinalewis offering prayers and support, just know it's there, you just can't see it. ;)

And specifically to all of you in these situations:

You are all in heart and in my prayers and I want to remind you that our Lord has you in his arms and is aware of your situation and knows your pain. And please know that one middle-aged married women in the midwestern U.S. is praying for you every day.

God bless everyone!

thank you :)

In it for the long haul. I'm just that stubborn.

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