Married 10 days follow up


to answer some questions you all had .

Yes we both were married before she was married for 19 years me for 5. we both are annulled. re marriage counseling went well we all know what we were getting our selves into sort of speak and things were great. finances seemed to be in line. Week prior to wedding. she was distant and was very stressed I attributed it to the wedding . After we got married, Her older children offered to watch my son their new brother while we were abway for a few days. My new wife said her kids are never to watch my son again as this is not their responsibility and if he needs to be watched he has a bio mom and other family to do so not her children and not her. ( though they offered it and I thought it was a great idea being new siblings an all).
she makes it sound my son si aburden maybe in reading into it. as for the house she rents a small home I have a 4 year old house to allow for all of us to live together. she says her kids are moving into my house its not a seperation thing all is one now we are married

fiancially we will be ok but we cant afford to buy another home in the michigan market and i bought this hom specifically for us 2 years ago knowing in my heart I was going to marry her. everything as of late is her kids in my house or her stuff and mine it became territorial quickly and she is acting different. she said she loves me but will hold it back until she feels comfortable in calling my house hers. i dont look at this like that amd i missing something. I alsoi asked her if we need counseling already she sadi sure but i can make the schedule and work it around what she has going on between the gym, her nails and meeting up with her best friend. i am lost everyone i am truely lost.



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thank you and sorry


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