Married actors who kiss for movies... adultery?


This is something Ive wondered for a long time.

Is it a sin to kiss/make out with another person while filming a movie if you are married to someone else? Is it adultery?

Tell me what you guys think!


Kirk Cameron refuses to kiss someone on film who’s not his wife.


Did not know that, that is awesome!


I don’t think so. They are working a job, not doing it for pleasure. A gynecologist isn’t an adulterer, because they aren’t doing it for pleasure, they are doing it as a profession.

I have also heard that kissing scenes are more heavily directed and choreographed than typical scenes, so that would eliminate any pleasure that might be derived from it.


No, acting is not a sin. However, I would think that married actors should respect the wishes of their spouse regarding this. Consider this before marrying an actor.


Thanks guys!


Another factor to consider: the effect which the scene, and the movie, will likely have on viewers. Will it lead people closer to God, or away from him? Consider this before accepting a script.


With that same logic, it is okay for someone to be in a porno (which is always mortally sinful), after all, it is choreographed and they are doing it as a profession and not for the pleasure, even though it would have pleasure that would derive from it . A gynecologist is a doctor and does not perform any sexual acts when examining a woman, kissing IS a sexual act. Does my doctor commit an act of homosexuality by examining me in my yearly physical? No, because it is not sexual. It is adultery for a married person to kiss (romantically) someone who is not their spouse. If I was married to an actress I would not feel very well watching her make out with a different man, or even worse have sex with another man, movie directors these days have the movie set up almost as a porno with the sex scenes in their movies. I’m sure there are women who feel the same way vice versa.


I know that I always used to say how can their spouses tolerate them being intimate with someone else in a movie. I guess that contributes to high divorce rate among celebrities.

I believe it was Charles Bronson who refused to do love scenes with other women as well.:slight_smile:


Married actors who kiss for movies… adultery?

Doesn’t a dictionary resolve this question?


Great career move for him too.


IIRC, there’s what’s called a “stage kiss” which is what was traditionally used in the past. Most movies have kissing scenes - which, of course, vary in intensity based on the intended audience.


I think there are more movies than we realize where the sex scenes are not exactly “acted”. **Warning, the following is not for minors **There has always been talk of how the relations between Jon Voight and Jane Fonda were actually real in Coming Home. Whether that’s an urban legend or not, I don’t know, but I did see the movie and the scenes, although the actors are covered are very pornographic in nature and beyond the norm for Hollywood films.

One has to have a rather thick conscience to be an actor. That was my dream and I acted in theater, and, yes, I kissed a woman, but there is no way they would have paraded me around doing partial nudity. I would simply not have made it had I actually tried to pursue it because they can easily find someone else to do what you won’t do, and the competition is fierce, so fierce that a lot of beautiful young people who try to make it in Hollywood and don’t succeed, turn into pornographic acting and all the tragedy that ensues from the choice.


I wouldn’t want to kiss somebody else in a film nor would I want to portray somebody that makes evil look good.

I wouldn’t want to see my wife kissing somebody else in a film either.


2380 Adultery refers to marital infidelity. When two partners, of whom at least one is married to another party, have sexual relations - even transient ones - they commit adultery. Christ condemns even adultery of mere desire. The sixth commandment and the New Testament forbid adultery absolutely.The prophets denounce the gravity of adultery; they see it as an image of the sin of idolatry.

2381 Adultery is an injustice. He who commits adultery fails in his commitment. He does injury to the sign of the covenant which the marriage bond is, transgresses the rights of the other spouse, and undermines the institution of marriage by breaking the contract on which it is based. He compromises the good of human generation and the welfare of children who need their parents’ stable union.

So LokisMom, what about those actors? What’s your view?


I think there is a difference here. The marital act is a thing reserved in itself for marriage, and it has a special place that is only within marriage. That is the law of God and of nature and no human act can change that.

But things like kissing are in a significant part human custom. There are places where kissing is not widely practiced, or where it is reserved for other relationships (such as only towards children). Since these things are not intrinsically wrong it is a matter of other factors.

Think about it this way. It would certainly be a sin for a married man to date another, let alone represent her as his wife. Yet it seems quite clear he may act out such things and engage in “dates” on screen with an actress, with no moral rebuke whatsoever.


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