Married as Protestant, Renew Vows as Catholic

My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We were both baptized (trinitarian) Protestants married in a Baptist church. This marriage is the first for both of us. We are both in RCIA class and will enter the church at Easter. Our marriage is valid and there’s no issues there.

Our marriage ceremony was small and our reception was at my mother’s home. I’ve always wanted to give my wife that dream wedding ceremony but we were never able to afford it until recently (we’re both nurses now). I know we would not have another wedding as our first was valid and there is no legitimate reason to have a second one. My RCIA teacher mentioned that renewing vows was allowed in the Church.

Can anyone tell me what that ceremony is like? Is it a similar ceremony to a wedding but with variations to the vows?

The Book of Blessings contains a rite with a repeating of the blessing and exchange of rings but it does not include a renewal of marriage vows.

90 A major wedding anniversary, for example, the 25th, 50th, or 60th, is a fitting occasion for a special remembrance of the sacrament of marriage by means of the celebration of the proper Mass and prayers provided in the Roman Missal. (See endnote 4.)

91 The blessing of a married couple may be celebrated within Mass, by use of the orders of blessing provided in nos. 94-106 and 107-114, or by a blessing outside Mass, celebrated according to the orders given in nos. 115-131 and 132-134.

92 A married couple may also request a blessing at a time other than an anniversary for the special needs of their lives or for such occasions as retreats or pilgrimages. If several couples are to be blessed at the same time, the prayer of blessing and the final blessing are adapted accordingly.

93 While maintaining the structure and chief elements of the rite, the minister should adapt the celebration to the circumstances of the place and the married couple and the families involved.

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