Married Couples: A New Minority


A friend sent along this article.

We all know marriage is less and less “popular” these days, but this article puts it to numbers. Married couples are a minority of households today and what the people there say is really kind of shocking. Such as this quote from the article:

“If anything, she added, “not having the false security of wedding rings makes us work even a little harder.””

Wow. How disturbing. :bigyikes:

How can we restore marriage to its proper place? How do we bring to light the idea that **not **being married is a problem?


I heard this report on the radio and couldn’t believe it. But then again I know people who consider marriage nothing but a piece of paper and they don’t feel they need to get that piece of paper to prove their committment. What I’d like to know is whether these unmarried couples with children have a higher split rate than married couples with kids. Pretty sad though.


What they really have, whether they know it or not, is a natural marriage (or common law marriage as defined by some of the States). What they don’t have is a higher authority through whom they have pledged their fidelity to one another–so what they really are saying is they don’t need God or the Church to define marriage and what it means.

It all started, innocently enough as most people thought at the time, with strictly civil marriage. It took a few generations for it to devolve from there, but devolve it has.

This is why so many people are confused as to why “gay marriage” isn’t possible. If there is no higher authority defining marriage, apart from popular opinion, then anything is possible, including polygamy, child marriage, animal/human marriage, and so on.


The work to restore marriage must begin with men. It is men who tend to not want a real commitment more often then the women. The women today just go along. The largest mission field today is American men. They have left the faith in extraordinary numbers.


When at least half of the realtionships formalized through marriage fail, it is small wonder that a new generation of young adults sees little value in the insititution. Many of these young adults have spent the better part of their childhoods bounced through a series of their parents’ failed marriages. This is a daunting challenge for our society.


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