Married Couples: Is there a TV in your Bedroom?

Do you have a television in your bedroom? Do you like it there, or do you wish it was gone? Does your spouse agree?

We used to have one, and I was never very pleased with the idea (except that it was nice for watching the news while getting ready for work). When we moved a few years ago, the TV never made it into the bedroom, and I must say “Yay!!!”

I hate it except exactly for the reason you said about news in the morning. However, my wife loves it and she makes the rules once we step inside the door to the house.

No TV in our bedroom. That is our private sanctuary. We like to watch TV, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t allow it to intrude into our private romantic inner sanctum.

TV is only available in our house through the chip-thingy in the computer in the office.

TV is not really a part of our lives.

Yes, we do, also a VCR and a DVR (Tivo).

I have MS, and my legs are very tired and painful by evening, so laying down in bed is really the only thing that calms them down. Without the TV there, I would miss way too much.

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I should have mentioned it in my original post, but if one of us is sick, I’ll usually put a small portable in the bedroom (the bedroom has a cable hookup from the previous owners).

No, and we’re both glad about it. We disconnected our TV last August and really haven’t looked back. We still have the TV, but it’s on a wheelie stand in the kitchen, and we love the arrangement. We can spin it one way and watch videos on it from the living room, or spin it another way and play video games on it in the kitchen :slight_smile: Talk about versatile!

No… but I wouldn’t mind if we did…
We don’t watch too much TV… just some of our favorites (comedies, discovery channel, etc)… we tend to curl up on the couch as a family in the evenings… it’s good family time for us to relax in a pile of family love giggling at a comedy on TV…
It wouldn’t be bad if it were in our bedroom so we could just fall asleep…

I guess if TV is a burden on your lifestyle it would be best to tone it down…
But for us, it’s just used for basic entertainment… certainly not as a replacement for communication or discussion.

We agreed from the beginning not to have one in our bedroom. We have one in the livingroom and we like to curl up on the couch to watch TV (although we just cancelled our cable to save money, so now it’s only on for movies which is rare).

I like having the separateness and distinction :). It makes the bedroom special :).

We don’t have a tv in our bedroom, but I miss it (we used to) for almost the same reasons you stated. I have Fibromyalgia and there have been days when I couldn’t get out of bed. It really helped to have the tv in there for something to do (especially when even holding a book is too painful).

But now that we have a baby, I am forced to get out of bed no matter what…maybe in a couple of years I will be able to take care of myself again, lol.

As for the tv intruding on “romantic time”…unless it’s an addiction, I don’t see how it could be an intrusion. It has an “off” button, lol.


Poll does not cover my answers - we have a TV in the bedroom. To say I “love it” would be exaggeration, but it is a plesant convenience. We have a teeny house, and there is no basement or family room, so DS and his friends hang out in the front room. If I or DH want to watch something when there is a heard of teenage boys in the front, we can go to our room.

DH and DS are both musicians, if they are deep into a project and I want to watch “The Journey Home” or Food TV - I can slip away and curl up and watch.

For romance, well, in a teeny house having the TV on in mom & dad’s bedroom makes for good “cover noise” :thumbsup:

NO!!! :slight_smile:

We have a TV in our bedroom. It’s not on much though. Sometimes we have family campouts in our room and watch a movie while we all snuggle before falling asleep. I do watch ESPN in the mornings sometime too :wink:

We don’t have a tv at all. We threw it in the trash about 6-8 months ago and it is one of the best things we have ever done. No more worrying about my child being influenced by those “naked mommys” she could see on commercials ( what she says when she sees a woman scantily clothed) no more worrying about watching to much tv. The average person will spend 7 years of their life watching tv and I don’t want to have to give an accounting to God for that.

We have one but I can’t remember the last time it was on. It is just a place to prop pictures up on.

We don’t really have one in the Master Bedroom, but we do have one in the Master Retreat, a small room next to the Master Bedroom. That TV can be seen from the bedroom, but it’s not real easy to watch it from there. That way, if one wants to go to sleep, and the other wants to watch TV, we can do it with disturbing each other.

I didn’t vote because you are missing Yes, and I don’t care.

I think a TV in the bedoom, unless there is a health issue is a mistake. It interferes with needed sleep and with intimacy. I wouldn’t allow it in any of our children’s bedrooms either. My opinion!

No tv in our bedroom, on purpose and since the beginning of our marriage. We like the idea of it being a personal and intimate sanctuary with no intrusions.

That was intentional. When a poll includes an apethtic response, people tend to flock to it as the “moderate” answer.

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