Married deacons


Can a married deacon be bi-ritual?


Sure - I know of at least two

Why would you think there would be a prohibition?


I’m just curious.
It seems that I’m being called to be one. :slight_smile:


If you feel you are being called to be both married and a deacon please consider this. I may be wrong, but I a man who is married can be ordained a deacon. If a man is a single deacon he is no longer free to marry. I say this b/c there was a thread a couple of months ago about deacons and celibacy. They were saying that a married deacon is not required to live a celibate life, but if his wife died he could not remarry.


This is correct. A Deacon may be married. An unmarried Deacon at the time of ordination must remain celibate. If a Deacon’s wife predeceases him, he is to remain celibate going forward.



Thank you for your response. I thought that was the case. I would hate to mislead someone.


I don’t think the question was can a deacon be married. I think the question as stated was can a married deacon be bi-ritual, as in the same way some priests have bi-ritual faculties, like celebrating mass according to the Latin Rite, and a Divine Liturgy according one of the Eastern Rites.:shrug:
Though I don’t know the answer I’m afraid, BysCathCantor says he knows of two.


True, that was the original question and it was answered. I posted what I did b/c I know the OP isn’t married, nor dating anyone (from his other posts). If he is being called to be a married deacon and bi-ritual he needed to know he will not be able to marry if he becomes a deacon first.

I will pray for his discernment about this.


That is why I’m going for marriage first. The minimum age for being a married deacon is 35 years old.


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