Married man and woman ‘gold standard’ in childrearing, critics of British official say

London, England, Jul 19, 2009 / 07:03 pm (CNA).- Correction quickly came to an official with a British diocesan-funded marriage organization who claimed that married couples are no better than other family forms at raising children. His critics say the research is clear that a marriage of a man and a woman is the “gold standard” in childrearing.

Terry Prendergast, chief executive of Marriage Care, recently told the homosexual Catholic group Quest that children do best “in a family where the adult relationship is steady, stable and loving.”

“Note that I stress adult, not married, since there is no evidence that suggests that children do best with heterosexual couples,” he said.

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Calling same-sex couples the same as a heterosexual couple is like comparing apples to oranges.

If all couples were same-sex, the world wouldn’t be populated. (Sans petri-dishes and “donors”…)

Men are from Mars, women from Venus. We certainly ARE different. …Compliment each other. Keep things in balance, that’s for sure.

We “think” differently, that’s for sure. Have different abilities.

God is good all the time.
All the time God is good. Amen (I believe).
Thank You, God for my husband.

“…The positive impact of a married mother and father on a child’s development has been scientifically verified across all measures of well-being. The ideal family in which to rear and nurture children consists of two biological parents in a harmonious marriage.”



1 man + 1 man   = 2 men
1 man + 1 woman = 1 baby

This issue always sounds like a bad sci-fi movie where the evil aliens have to steal children due the their sterility.

It should be no surprise to us today when a politician panders to special interest while ignoring both morality and science.

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