Married practicing priests


I was reading a great book (in a series),“Surprised by Truth 2” by Patrick Madrid, inspriing stories of people of other faiths that come to the Catholic faith. One was an married priest (Anglican?) that thought he couldn’t be a priest in our religion but did eventually get a dispensation from Rome to practice as a married priest. They “suspended the celibacy rule” as he put it. He mentoned there are others, as I have seen on TV, that are practicing with permission of Rome (not the others doing their own thing) and I wondered if that might be more prevelent in the future and what it might mean to the celibacy rule? I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime or that it even should, but if they felt they were hurting enough to make a case for these priests, who knows?
No where did he say the lack of priests was the reason, but if we were busting at the seams, I have a feeling they might of thought about it longer. Seemed like a wonderful man though and a blessing to his community.


An Anglican priest that converts could request from the Pope permission to become a Catholic Priest. He goes through some training and is then Ordained in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Rome severely curtailed this.


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