Married Priest Question / Please Help Me Clear This Up!


I’m curious, how may married priest are there in the US? Also; we have what I believe 4 here in the Diocese of Fort Worth TX. How can this be, please explain.
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They were conversions and were married when ordained.


Last statistic I saw, there are less than 400 married priests, though I can’t remember if that was US or world wide.


Fomer Anglicans or Episcopalians who were ordained in their old church are allowed to take holy orders in the Catholic church, because of the similarity of their old ministry to the Catholic priesthood. This is an extraordinary concession to them and is not meant to set a precedent for married clergy in the Western rite.


Whispers in the Loggia recently wrote “More than 70 men have used the 7-year-old [pastoral] provision to become Catholic priests in the U.S.”

“400” sounds more like a number of men who have left the priesthood in order to marry, but I could be estimating that way off too.



My priest in the Diocese of Beaumont was with the Church in Fort Worth that converted (St. Mary’s???). He tells of at least 300 or so priest that were Episcopalean and have converted.

He’s a wonderful man. He tells me that the gay bishop in the Episcopal Church has prompted more Episcopal’s to see the RC Priesthood.


It would seem, then, that the statistic I read placing number of married priests at about 390 was a worldwide statistic. As for priests who leave to get married, that’s probably higher than 400 since it’s an unfortunately less-rare factor.


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