Married priests were one allowed?


Hey there, I heard that for 1500 years the church allowed married priests, but then they made celibacy a rule because of financial reasons, can anyone tell me more?

And was there once a female pope?


The female pope I think you are referencing is “Pope Joan”. Here’s a link to an answer given by a CA apologist regarding that question…

As for married priests, here’s a link to information about priestly celebacy. It’s a tradition of the Church, so it could be changed, but I doubt it will be. In any case, it is allowed in the Eastern Churches.

Hope this helps!! :thumbsup:


We still have married priests in the Western Church too, they’re just proportionately very rare and require special permission. It’s more correct to say that married priests were once more widespread, rather than that they were once (and are not now) allowed.


There is a current thread on this forum that deals heavily with the issue of married priests…


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