Married St. Louis deacon to be ordained

Story does not give much detail.

He is a Maronite Rite priest, not a Roman Rite.

The Maronite Rite does not require that its priests be celibate. However: For some odd reasons having to do with political tensions between Roman Rite and Eastern Rite bishops in the early twentieth century, married men are not ordained as Maronite priests in the United States of America.

If someone is more familiar with that slice of Church history, they could explain better.


Wonderful news! There were also two married Byzantine Catholic deacons ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Dino of the Eparchy of Phoenix not long ago. It is my understanding that there are more married deacons “in the pipeline” to be ordained, as well.

I’m fairly militant on this subject; sui iuris churches should be able to engage in their long-held practice of ordaining married men to the priesthood without any special “permission”. So glad to see that Pope Francis seems to be open to the idea, based on the Maronite ordination. I hope that other ordinations follow.

Thanks for the explanation. I know very little about Maronite Rite but this helps me to explain to people that ask me about it. I am Roman Catholic and I have already been asked about this.

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