Married to a Mentally Ill Person


Is there anyone out there married to severely menatlly ill person trying to keep their marriage in tact?:shrug:


**I have mental illness and am married. Depression, Anxiety (panic) Disorder, OCD

Anything I could help with? :confused:


Yes - well, was married for 10 years to a severely mentally ill person. I tried hard to live out the marriage but he got dangerous and life threatening.

It is hard living day to day. Pray to St Dymphna for help.
I will add you to my prayers as marriage is difficult enough.


My spouse is diagnosed Schizo-Affective Disorder. (For more info on the disorder goto I have prayed and prayed to all the saints I can think of, as well as those recommended by my pastors. The end of July he needed to go in for treatment and refused. I did what the Spirit commanded and I dialed 911 to get him (involuntary) treatment. (There wasn’t even a moments hesitation, he was running away screaming and acting bizarre. He needed help.) It’s November now and he still cannot forgive me for involving the police. He admits he needed treatment, but just does not agree with my calling 911. I am trying and I know God wants me to perserve… I guess I just need to know others are out there in the same place, fighting the good fight.


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