Marrying a Baptist Christian

Hi. I am a catholic since birth and I’m planning to get marry soon to a non catholic. Is it valid if the rites would be done outside the church? Can i still receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist?Hope to hear answer from here. Thank you.

This is something you need to discuss with your priest. In order to get married and have the marriage in good standing with the Church, you’ll need a dispensation from the bishop to have your marriage outside a Catholic church.


Someone told me that Bishops dispensation is only applicable if we marry inside the catholic church.

From what I have read, you will need to get (permission to enter into a mixed marriage) by your local bishop. You will also need to get (dispensation from canonical form) from your bishop in order to validly get married in a non Catholic Church or other location.
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Hope this helps!

Thanks. Can I still receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist?

Also, I know it may not be possible but I would really recommend getting married inside the Catholic Church. Having Christ present in the Eucharist for your wedding would be a pretty amazing thing!

Do ya y mean at the wedding in a different church or just after the wedding when you go to church?

The dispensation is needed to keep your marriage in good standing in the church.

You definitely can’t get married in a Catholic church without it. And that’s because your marriage wouldn’t be approved without the dispensation.

Do yourself a huge favor and ask all of these questions to your priest.

We often argue to that matter, it seems she is not open to a wedding inside our Church.

I will. Thank you Dlee.

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That’s a tough situation! Well just do your best and make sure to talk with your priest and bishop.

Sometimes I would think to let her go.:frowning_face:

I don’t want to necessarily encourage that, but if your having reservations and those reservations are rooted in faith, be open to it and pray about. As important as a spouse is in this life, your faith is more important in eternity.


If you get both a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic and also a dispensation to marry in a ceremony outside the Church, then everything your marriage is good and you can continue receiving the sacraments.

If you’re having these thoughts and you say the wedding is supposed to be “soon”, you really need to take a step back. You’re not ready to get married.


Have you taken the time to think about the other aspects of your life together as a Catholic. It seems to me that if there is discord about this, there will be much more in the future (Mass, Sacraments, raising children in the faith, etc.).

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If you have not already made an appointment to talk to your Catholic pastor about marriage, do so immediately. I don’t know what you mean by “soon” because Catholic marriage preparation usually takes about 6 months. All Catholics and those they intend to marry must complete Catholic marriage preparation.

As part of that, you can request a dispensation from Catholic form to be married in the non-Catholic’s place of worship or another place. If you follow the requirements of the Church, then yes your marriage is valid.

Sounds like you haven’t talked to your pastor or you would already know this. So, go talk to your pastor as soon as possible.

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Well, “someone” was wrong. And you should not rely on “someone”. YOU need to go talk to YOUR pastor. If you are old enough to be considering marriage, you are old enough to ask these questions directly to your priest not random people on the internet.

You need permission for mixed marriage to marry a baptized non-Catholic, and you need a dispensation to be married outside Catholic form.

This is something to consider.

If she will not have a wedding in the Church, how is she going to respond when it is time to baptize your new baby? To teach the Children about the Faith? To attend Holy Days of Obligation (even CHRISTMAS when it falls on a MONDAY!)? When it is time to fast and abstain during Lent?

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