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I’m getting married in 8 months to another Catholic. I was just wonderingif all of you who were in the same situation as me find that things are made a little bit simpler because I sure have. I mean first and foremost is our life together is going to be centered around the church. We did discuss this but since both of us ae devout Catholics we found we didn’t even need to think about discussing this. The same can be said with when we have kids. It will be a given our kids will be baptized and it will be given that our kids are gong to be raised in the faith which means being educated in it. I have had a few relationships where the girl was Christian but not Catholic and non of them even compare to this relationship where we share and love the same faith. I honestly believe this was a sign from God that my fiancee was the rightone for me because my fiancee being a strong Catholic has strenghthened my already strong faith. I guess I’m postig this partly because of the joy I’ve experinced already just from the fact that I’ve found someone I can shar my life and my faith with but alo wondering if others are in the same stuation as me



You’re right, it does make it easier when you can fully share spiritual life. My wife and I read one chapter of the Bible together every night. And there’s nothing like our weekly tradition of putting our arms around each other when we sing the final hymn at Mass. We love sharing the building of our family’s household on the Lord Jesus.

Enjoy this special time in your life!


Yes, this is indeed God’s plan for marriage.




I have been married for 2.5 years to a wonderful, faithful Catholic man. It is a gift from God to find a spouse that loves God and the Church as much as you.

Here is my favorite quote from my favorite Pope on the matter:

Marriage is an act of will that signifies and involves a mutual gift, which unites the spouses and binds them to their eventual souls, with whom they make up a sole family- a domestic church. Pope John Paul II

PS. Enjoyed being engaged. It is truly a very happy time in both your lives.


When I look around at the people I know, the friends and family who have lived together for six or seven years and then got married, or who’ve no faith in common, I am saddened.

This is often made worse by these people asking me how Louise and I do it-- why we are so happy-- what our secret is.

Like Duuuuuuuh!!! :rolleyes:

You’re spot on and I wish you all the happiness in the world. God bless you both!


A man I could fully share my faith with was the first thing I looked for in a potential husband.

It worked great. I’m picky as it is, but God picked even better!


I’m in the same boat:D

I’m engaged to a wonderful Catholic man:love:, and like you said, it’s awesome having the same point of views in chastity, in kids, in the Lord, and the way a family should live!

Me and my fiance pray the Rosary everyday together, and it’s awesome that this will be passed on to our kids!

I dated guys that weren’t close to God before, or claimed to be Catholic but not really following the Faith, and oh my is that a huge problem… Even the simple things in life are difficult to choose with someone who doesn’t feel that God is someone to trust when it comes to the plans of your life!

Congratulations and consider yourself VERY blessed!


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