Mars Curiosity Find Life Supporting Chemicals



That is very interesting. I wonder if they will ever find out if life, no matter how primitive, ever existed on Mars. Personally, I do not believe that there is life on other planets or that there ever was but I am open to the fact that there could have been or could be life other planets. I do think, however, that if life on other planets does/did exist that it would have/does exist in very simple forms such as bacteria. Again, I could easily be wrong though and I am open to correction. I just don’t want to believe in intelligent life on other planets until solid evidence or proof is presented of their existence. I personally don’t find so-called UFO sightings to be convincing because it is always possible that such sightings were actually sightings of top secret military aircraft that were/are experimental and such.


Woo! Colonization, interplanetary style!


If we ever find the existence of life elsewhere, even intelligent life with “Warp Drive” it will NOT negate God or the Trinity. Even if they look like “The Fly.”

God Bless


Amen to that!:thumbsup:

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