Mars Hill church to disband/Mark Driscoll

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this church. It’s been a gradual unraveling due to the behavior of the pastor Mark Driscoll.

I can’t open the link so I found a related one.

Kind of creepy - no big scandal, just a bit sleazy in my view. Makes me very glad I am not in a megachurch for all my fretting about the Synod. :wink: Sometimes you just don’t know how good you have it. Mars Hill is around Seattle; they bought out an old Baptist Church I know of 2-3 years ago. I remember thinking it was kind of sad to watch the Baptists just flat out go out of business and then in came Mars Hill. Big banners and stuff. Don’t know that much more.

I used to watch this guy’s videos on youtube when I was getting into Christianity, he definitely gave me those bad vibes of a megalomaniacal cult-like personality. I saw videos where he’d say that he could “read” people’s pasts, told people that masturbation was okay, just weird cult-like, sex-obsessed things like this.

There’s definitely a bad streak of cult-like personalities in American evangelicalism like Kip Mckean, Jimmy Swaggart, Bill Gothard and this fellow. Just shows the problems of this.

I’ve heard of this pastor but I’m not too familiar with him. I’ve been reading for the last half-hour about him. I wish one could find some story that said something like “he helped feed the poor” or things like that. I don’t see much positive.

He was raised Catholic and became born again in 1989. Looks like he went overboard, maybe in a distilled version, some of his ideas might not be that bad.

I get newsletters from Christianity Today and I have been following the story. I had never heard of Mars Hill or Acts 29. It sounds like they videoed the sermons around the country.
It does make you see what can happen with churches started by ordinary men. I guess they were surprised he resigned.
They made it clear there was no sex scandal or affair.
Some plagiarism and he paid to have hi s book moved up on the best seller list (I didn’t know that could happen)! He admitted to his mistakes and behaviors. Certainly seems a mess.

I have friends that attend Mars Hill. It is a non-denominational Protestant church.
One of my friends gave me a podcast of Mark Driscoll making statements on certain issues in society, and the family. All I agreed with.

One friend said that the church Elders felt he was overstepping his bounds regarding use of church funds (not illegal perhaps, but unethical), and an attitude of control and arrogance. So they took action.

Don’t know much more.


I had never heard of it before.

Yeah, a lot of evangelicals are like that. Good instincts (often better than some Catholics :o) but not a lot of good knowledge and understanding of the tradition and history of the Church. (I have a friend who just reads the Bible over and over - doesn’t even go to her evangelical Church regularly anymore - good Christian; I have very very few quibbles with her.) As for fallen away Catholics, I think poor catechism, bad examples in the Church or family, etc. cost us these kinds of people (i.e., people given faith and/or who are drawn to Christianity). Hopefully, he’ll come home! (and bring some with him) We should see this as an opportunity to reclaim our own.

His one book on marriage was pulled from a Christian bookstore chain. Sounds like the bookstore is primarily “Southern Baptist”.

As the article states in one place, some of his remarks have been “crude”, that’s the correct word I was thinking of.

I don’t want to prejudge or misunderstand someone. Still.

Prayers for all involved.

No, I would definitely be suspicious of the message - not to be uncharitable but I think anyone who puts themselves out there like a messiah is a little nuts. Especially the megachurch variety. The homeless vet at the freeway bridge with the Jesus saves sign, I give a break ;); he may actually be talking to God for all I know. Again, I think this guy was a little creepy - but that’s why we have redemption. He needs to find a new parish, preferably Catholic. :wink: Complete devastation is a great cleanser - that’s about its best side effect.

I found Mars Hill fairly interesting when I first read about it in the news maybe ten years ago, and looked at its website (since a news article can only go into so much depth). I didn’t find the content to be sex-obsessed, considering the young age (late teens to early 30s) of much of the church membership.

As I recall, his stance on masturbation was that it is only OK as a purely physical act - since most who engage in it are having sexual thoughts about others they should not be having sex with, and since it may hurt the intimate life of those who are married even if they are fantasizing about their spouse, it usually is not OK. Not fully in line with the Catholic teaching, but I think a fairly sensible approach to convince a somewhat skeptical younger audience on the basis of logic alone.

Another thing I found interesting about Driscoll was that he profiled a few Catholic saints. He may not have found the Catholic Church itself to be relevant, but he both recognized and was not afraid to share the example of lives of saints. Rather unusual for an evangelical church pastor.

I didn’t want to get involved in some of the lesser pleasant subjects to discuss, however, since it is being brought up again, here is some of what he has said:

See the gray box quoting him:

I also saw this somewhere else last night and I would generally prefer to use other sources.

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