Mars Scientists Leave Dome On Hawaii Mountain After Year In Isolation


**Six scientists have completed a year-long simulation of a Mars mission, during which they lived in a dome in near-isolation.

The group lived in the dome on a Mauna Loa mountain in Hawaii and were only allowed to go outside if wearing spacesuits. On Sunday the simulation ended and the scientists emerged.**

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I’m all for space exploration and if possible colonization, but it seems a bit perverse to lock these people up for a year in a place as enticingly beautiful as Hawaii. How about next time they do it in Trenton?


That’s kind of odd, I think. :shrug:


If anything I’d say the added stress of being somewhere beautiful like Hawaii is helpful in determining how they’d fare in a more stressful isolated situation such as they’d experience on a transit to Mars and time on Mars (which is arguably beautiful in it’s own way too).


But have you figured in the added stress of being in Trenton?


Hmmm, good point.


Stick these people in the Atacama Desert for a year and let’s see what happens.


Or maybe the Arctic Circle, which has the watery low-powered light that Mars experiences. Mars is farther away from the Sun than the Earth is, (though still within the solar system’s ‘habitable zone’) so it doesn’t receive the Sun’s light in as intense a form as the Earth does.

Also I’d imagine it’s pretty cold on Mars with its distance from the Sun and its thin atmosphere.


NASA’s newest Mars recruitment posters


That feels ridiculous. :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely! :slight_smile: They’d be cool for grade school classrooms, though.


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