Martha (Rob's Wife)?


So, did you survive the big move? Are you still waiting for your internet?:slight_smile:

Hope everything went as smoothly as possible.




Martha, Martha, we miss you! We want to hear about your move!!!




**Here I am! Here I am! :wave: **
Oh you guys are so nice to be thinking of me! Thanks!

The move went great. Well as great as moves can go anyhow. We’ve been here 1 week now and are all unpacked and settled in. Now we’re working a bit on the yard. It was way over landscaped for my tastes. We’re working on the huge koi pond the previous owners neglected.

**I **never did get anything for the banister rail, but there’s been no problems. However, 4 of the children had fallen down the stairs from various heights within 3 days of move in.:rolleyes: None the baby either, despite her determination to be next. It’s just killing her to be down here listening to them up there and not getting to join them. She’ll crawl into the living room, flop on her back and cry up at the kids going to and fro in the upstairs hallway.

A few little things need doing. Cut a hole in a cabinet in the 1/2 bath for the cat box. Security system gets activated today ($15 a month & $20 a month discount on insurance). I need to wax my tiles in the showers and floors to keep that maid service clean appearance. (Which otherwise certainly won’t last!) A few more room trash cans, eventually some paint in 2 rooms, hope to purchase a freezer for the garage, … nothing major.

**The biggest negatives are the almost white very dense carpet and the laundry area. After years of my beloved multi textured neutral colors berber, having carpet that shows every spec of dirt is rather disheartening. The laundry room will not hold my laundry sorting cart, so I’m trying to figure something out for the laundry situation. right now it’s “move the mountain to the left to load the washer - move the mountain to the right to load the dryer” - it’s driving me nuts. I’m thinking of going ahead and putting my sorter there anyhow because at least that mountain will have wheels and I’ll just hope only skinny people need to walk from the half bath to the kitchen. :blush: **

We are starting back up the homework today and they have archery lessons in pe this afternoon. Then I have to run home to meet the security guy and make several phone calls.

**I’m hoping to get more blogging done now that things are settling down around here. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll have some pictures up.:slight_smile: **

**Yikes! I better get off here and get in gear!:eek: **


How exciting! Good luck with the projects you have planned! I got shivers when I read about your koi pond… I know you will be careful, but I personally would not have any landscaping ponds in my yard as long as I have small children living with me.


Wow! Congrats Martha! :thumbsup:


OMGosh… that is so exciting!!! We are all so glad to here from you again. Keep us updated… I am so happy for you!!!


thanks 4the update:thumbsup:


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