Martin Lloyd Jones? An article for discussion


My husband’s old friend sent this link to him, and I promised him I’d post it here so my fellow Catholics could discuss it. He’s a non-denominational Christian of the sola scriptura variety. He asked me to comment on it, but I thought I’d also put it to all of you, cuz I can’t handle it all myself.

He should be here also to pose his own questions on it, because I did invite him here. Not sure of his screename, but I’m sure he’ll introduce himself.

My first reaction was to not read it because Jones calls Catholicism a “system” right off the bat and that we’re satanic…no question on why that would turn me off. But I’m interested in hearing what all you have to say.



I didn’t read all the article. From what I did read it is alot of what I believed ( falsely ) about the church before the holy spirit called me to investigate and become a RC. Sheer ignorance if you ask me; the problem is that people that write this stuff really believe it as do their followers. It will be very hard to guide them to the truth. :frowning: I take it your DH old friend is evangelizing? I can only say I once was lost but now am found. I am glad to call Holy Mother Church my home!


Stop me if I have read this one before.

This system as he called it is in all the early christian creeds in the early christian writings and the only christian church in the western world for 1500 years. If we are a system he is likewise a branch out of the system. Truth cannot come from the branch if the trunk is poisoned.


Wow. Lloyd-Jones was an amazing preacher and believed in very solid exposition of Biblical texts. For that reason his many books and transcribed sermons and studies are much loved by many people. I used to have a shelf of his books.

But, as this article shows, he didn’t understand catholicism at all well. From worshipping graven images, to denying the priesthood of all believers, to priests “working the miracle” of transubstantiation, to catholics not confessing sins to God, or not teaching the immaculate conception before 1854, making Mary “so prominent that Christ himself is hidden out of sight”, and catholics can do whatever they like the rest of the day so long as they go to Mass on Sunday. All sorts of errors.

He didn’t much like catholicism did he? And he doesn’t pull any punches in his language. It’s no wonder, when they read this sort of thing, that so many people would hate catholicism too.

It’s just a shame that he makes so many mistakes and leads people into following the same errors.




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