Martin Luther King Statue


Just an observation. I was watching the local news the other day and I saw a rally of people around a Martin Luther King Statue. A Protestant Minister was being interviewed right next to the statue as people were honoring Mr King by putting candles and flowers next to the foot of the Statue…

From a Catholic standpoint, I know nobody was worshiping the statue, but to accuse people of doing so just because they were putting flowers and candles next to it would be wrong…

It is probable that a large percentage of the people there were Protestants…



I see what you are getting at. Why should they condemn us catholics for our veneration of the saints and our use of statues in this veneration when they are doing the same thing to a statue of MLK? I guess the difference is that they are probably only looking at the statue as a memorial, kind of like a grave marker. They’re probably not asking him to intercede for them in prayer. That is too bad. He would probably be happy to intercede for them.


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