Martin Luther your own personal views on him?

I know recently the Pope made him a Saint but some of his teachings towards the end was quite personal.

Uh, what? Where is your source?


Am I wrong ? If so sorry , I thought the Pope made him a Saint.

No, the Pope did nothing of the sort, and Martin Luther will never be canonized.


Nope, not a Saint for the Catholic Church. :rofl:

But, not to mean he is not a saint. Canonization is like entry into the Catholic version of the Hall of Fame. The Church Triumphant has many more saints than the relatively few who have ben Canonized by the Church.

He may very well have entered into, or will at a later date enter through the grace of God, into the eternal Beatific vision.

No. The Pope did not make him a saint. I highly doubt very very much he will ever be canonized a saint in the Catholic Church.
The problems and confusion he started in the Church are still ongoing throughout Christianity.
We can pray for his soul.

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Popes do not make non-Catholics into saints, even if they were good people. It is unclear whether Martin Luther was a good person. In any event, Martin Luther will never be made a saint because he created a heretical schism and caused great damage to the Church.

I personally think he may have started out with good intentions, but it quickly became all about him and his ego. As said above we can pray for his soul.


@MagdalenaRita and @Tis_Bearself, I was actually thinking about starting a thread asking if it is appropriate/permissible for Catholics to pray for Luther’s soul.

My maturation as a theological thinker was at Luther’s feet, and I partly credit my desire to return to the Church to his writings.

Honestly, Luther has long been a tragic figure in my mind. Due to my own experience, I have to wonder if a big ego is the sign of certain deep-seated insecurities.

Not even Lutherans will touch the guy with the ten-foot pole. The Catholic Church definitely didn’t make him a saint! :blush:


I can’t think of many people who need prayers more than him. Go for it!


He is not a Saint. Some popes have recently acknowledged the Church at the time wasn’t in a no fault state in the Protestant Revolution, but he is still an excommunicated heretic. Reform is fine and needed always. Saint Teresa of Avila is a good role model for a true reformer.

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Sudden thought - OP, are you perhaps thinking of Martin Luther King? He hasn’t been made a saint either, but it would make a tiny bit more sense than the 16th century Martin Luther.

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LOL, that is the greatest article I’ve ever read. It’s an April Fools joke :rofl:


Try following down the initial letters of each paragraph, englands123. The letters in blue.

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It would be an interesting to speculate where the Catholic Church would be today without the Reformation.

I would say a lot better for the West. Not so good for the Orthodox Churches. Imagine a unified Western Church. What a dream :partying_face:

And then there is the document name at the ending of the first paragraph - Stultus Aprilis.

  1. Wrong.
  2. Wrong.
  3. Wrong.

Three strikes and…

We are being sea lioned - without doubt.

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