Martin Scorsese Silence


I am late to the party and there has probably been one of these but I finally saw this film a few weeks ago. I had a Japanese friend a few years ago describe these kind of happenings and we would discuss the veneration of Mary disguised as a bodhisattva in old times. Any thoughts on this film? It was slow and a tad disappointingly anticlimactic but I still enjoyed it. I’ve heard that Catholicism is still very small in Japan but from what I’ve scene of Japanese media they seemed to have embraced or assimilated a lot of Catholic ideas in their media and culture even if it not in a strictly monotheistic sense. Discussion on the film or Catholicism in Japan. Our lady of Akita?


I’d like to know if anyone saw the 1971 Shinoda film of this, also called “Silence” in English (“Chinmoku” in Japanese). Nothing against Scorsese, but the Japanese filmmaker’s perspective interests me more.


Yes, there was definitely a thread when the movie came out.
I went to the theater and watched the movie. It was slow, but I liked it and found it engrossing. I thought it was well made.
I would like to see the Japanese version too.


I didn’t even know this had been filmed before.


I watched it recently with my boyfriend. He enjoyed it, but the movie sat really strangely with me as a non-Christian. It opened up a good long discussion for us on how our different religions handle things like oath-breaking, martyrdom, and difficult moral situations, though.


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