Martyrdom and you?


Here is an excellent reflection on martyrdom, with some wonderful insights for these testing times for the Church.

It mentions Sr Maria Laura Mainetti, Martyred in a sacrafice to satan! Blessed Restituta Kafka, Martyr under the Nazis, and many others. Never heard of either but it is always good to encounter someone new!

Modern martyrdom is not confined to the actual physical killing of Christians; today we see a less obvious form. Secularist ideologists, for example, are conducting a war on Christians as they seek to undermine our faith in order to enshrine their own beliefs in our society and make us submit to them.

Be true to your faith;
do not lose heart,
do not be afraid:
I am with you.
I have conquered the world,
the victory is already won.
Trust in me.
Come, follow me.


Awesome and inspiring article :thumbsup:


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