Martyrology on St. Mary Magdalene

The Roman Martyrology from says of St. Mary Magdalene on July 22:
Apud Massíliam, in Gállia, natális sanctæ Maríæ Magdalénæ, de qua Dóminus ejécit septem dæmónia, et quæ ipsum Salvatórem a mórtuis resurgéntem prima vidére méruit.

At Marseilles in France, the birthday of St. Mary Magdalene, out of whom our Lord expelled seven demons, and who deserved to be the first to see the Saviour after he had risen from the dead.

After reading many days, I realized the place mentioned at the beginning of the reading is the place of the saint’s death. This means Mary Magdalene died in France. I thought she died in Ephesus, and I am not getting her confused with the Theotokos. What is going on?:confused:

The Catholic Encyclopedia mentions both places with Gregory of Tours supporting St Mary’s death at Ephesus.

A life of quiet penance really sounds like something she would have spent her later life so France also sounds correct.

I have a great knowledgable Catholic friend who I am going to check with as she may have more information. Maybe someone can give you a better answer.

She has been identified - on no good grounds BTW - with two other women in the gospels:

*]Mary of Bethany the sister of Martha & Lazarus in John
*]the unnamed woman in Luke 7.36-50 “out of whom Jesus cast seven demons”[/LIST]**This triple identification goes back to Gregory the Great, IIRC. **

And, there is a ninth-century (?) tradition that Martha, Mary, & Lazarus evangelised the south of France.

**So it’s complicated :o **

**The RM itself relies on the ninth-century Martyrology of Usuard, as revised by Baronius in 1584 & further revised until the 1950s (IIRC). Martyrologies need to be sifted - as this set of confusions shows. It would be interesting to know why June 22 was chosen. **

I know it has been ten days but its July 22, not June.
So are Mary of Bethany, seven-demon woman, and St. Mary Magdalene the same person? Opinions?

The one thing we know for sure, per scripture, is that the Mary Magdalene of Jesus’ time is the woman healed of 7 demons. She later went on to stand at the foot of the cross and was the first to see the risen Christ.

Anything else is speculation.

I don’t know about the seven-demon woman, but it makes no sense to me to conflate Mary of Bethany of Mary of Magdala.

I don’t see how Mary of Bethany, who came from Bethany, and Mary of Magdala (someone from Magdala would be called a Magdalene, thus the name Mary Magdalene) could be the same person as they are from two different places.

Actually in Luke 8:2 Mary Magdalene IS identified as the woman who had the seven demons.

Luke 8:2 “and some women who had been cured of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out,”

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