Martyrs of Cordoba


The Martyrs of Córdoba were forty-eight Christian martyrs who were executed under the rule of Muslim conquerors in what is now southern Spain. At the time the area was known as Al-Andalus. The hagiography describes in detail the executions of the martyrs for capital violations of Muslim law, including apostasy and blasphemy. The martyrdoms related by Eulogius (the only contemporary source) took place between 851 and 859.

With few exceptions, the Christians knowingly risked execution by making public statements proclaiming their Christianity in the presence of Muslims, an act considered blasphemous under Islamic law and punishable by death. Some of the martyrs were executed for blasphemy after they appeared before the Muslim authorities and denounced Muhammad, while others who were Christian children of Islamic-Christian marriages publicly proclaimed their Christianity and thus were executed as apostates. (Coope 1995)[page needed]. Still others who had previously converted to Islam denounced their new faith and returned to Christianity, and thus were also executed as apostates.

The lack of another source after Eulogius’s own martyrdom has given way to the misimpression that there were fewer episodes later in the 9th century.They are Saints in Catholic Church and Orthodox church.


And it continues down to today. The Copts in Egypt have been targeted repeatedly, and then there are the losses in Iraq and Syria.


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