Marvel comic book to avoid

It’s called Uncanny X-Force and it’s coming out in January. According to someone involved:

"Humphries promises that the book will be “dark, dirty, morally sticky, edgy, bloody, and sexy.”

Tell everyone you know.


American comics are so intriguing, much more so than Eastern ones, in my opinion. I feel that every comic reflects a facet of America’s society, each in a completely different way. Whether their themes can be in conflict with Vatican teachings, however, I do not know.

Oh look, More of Ed deciding that he’s the Pope!

Can’t comment on what else Ed has said, but I tend to think that comic books are of questionable content and value at times, but probably not for the reasons he’s thinking. Essentially, they have to keep recycling basic plots and devices in order to keep finding stories to print. This leads to a “stasis” of sorts in the medium, where there is a never-ending cycle of battle between “good” and “evil” (in quotes because of the rise of not-all-black villains and the rise of “anti-heroic” heroes). This is a trend which seems to be reflective also of the other areas (Star Wars immediately comes to mind), where a shared world is built and there is a need to keep producing new materials for it – after all, if the end of the Death Star settled things in the Far-Far-Away-Galaxy, that would put an end to the revenue stream. I tend to think that the human mind and spirit generally benefits from a sense of closure at the end of a story, which is not present in these works.

Just my opinion, take it for what it is (and yes, I’ve read quite a few comics in the day).

Hardly, bro.

Ed wants to reinstate a program that would forbid Catholics from watching anything that he declares immoral. In the past, Ed has even agreed with an article that wanted to ban the Teletubbies.

Free advertising!

Is this news? Marvel comics have been vulgar and tasteless for some time now (I can’t speak about DC comics because I haven’t seen any of the recent issues). Marvel started out great in the 60’s when Stan Lee was writing them, he created so many great characters in that time period including Tony Stark (Iron Man), Peter Parker (Spider-Man), the Fantastic Four, the Hulk and so forth. They have slowly deteriorated since then.

True, I hadn’t even heard of this until today, and I have read Marvel for years.

Spot on. What’s offensive to one, is art to another.

We have had artists work for the media company I work for that now have jobs at Marvel and DC. I have written and drawn for a privately published comic book in the past. I started reading comic books in the late 1960s and stopped around 1983 or so. Since then, I’ve been following the comic book market as part of my job.

Free advertising? A common fallacy. My message was meant to alert all Catholics that things continue in a downward direction at Marvel, and yes, that is news. To my brothers and sisters in Christ, take care of your kids and nieces and nephews.


I don’t see how it is a common fallacy because I can tell you from personal experience that many attempts to hide or remove information have instead brought it to my attention. Most recent example in the media is “Innocence of Muslims”, a name which many outlets carefully avoided mentioning or describing when reporting attacks on our embassies. See also: Streisand effect. This is well-documented and far from a fallacy.

Also, Ed, it seems you have a conflict of interest here… what are your motivations for denigrating Marvel, as much as they may deserve it?

In the mid to late 70s Marvel had a comic called Son Of Satan. I remember my mother being upset by it because I brought it home. Satans son in the story was supposedly good and trying to get away from the connection to his father.

I remember other horror magazines thart were extremely gruesome and violent as well. Point being, some real bad stuff was in the past as well as now.

Most of the posts you make are about the evils of the media and how Satan has infiltrated …and yet you continue to work in that industry. I don’t think I could work for and with people that I had such contempt for.

I think it’s out of context that their market is for kids. A single combicbook is 5 bucks! Marvel is aimed at adult males with tablets with disposable income.

The material is too adult for kids and not in a sexual sense but in a topical sense.

Western culture is hostile to christian values and has been subverting ecclesial communities off the narrow road for the last one hundred years, e.g. birth control

How do you participate in the culture as we are called as lay people but avoid being tempted off the narrow road yourself?

Look at all the science programs “How the Universe works” that tacitly promote a clockwork god or atheist perspective.

We cannot lodge our heads in the sand. The effort to understand our faith is more and more important because of this new context

Yes, and that was why the Comics Code Authority was created to help rein in the bad stuff. It doesn’t change any of the facts that some bad in the past negates any new bad in the present.


That’s moral relativism. The Church teaches there are absolutes that include everybody.


My company is privately owned. We don’t produce comic books, and we have high standards. Those high standards mean we avoid what most of the industry is doing. We are family friendly.


Thank you. How do we as Christians, respond to a culture that presents immorality as OK? And Adults better get it into their heads that if they want to live their faith they should not spend any money on anything that promotes immorality.

Wake up, people. How are we witnesses to the truth if we say nothing? Or if we say, it’s OK for adults to buy immoral material? Being a Christian doesn’t mean just going to Church once a week and then driving home. If we don’t speak up - who will? The people that have been taught to love this stuff? The people who’ve been lied to?

Sure, we are to preach the gospel to all nations, and that includes the laity. If we don’t stand for the truth and say nothing, then what?


The comics code authority was created before that, no? I had plenty of comics “approved by the comics code authority” in the 70s and on the Son Of Satan comic.

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