Marvel Comics/Gay Marriage

Marvel is coming out with an issue of Astonishing X-men where one of it’s gay characters has a “gay marriage.” I’ve read some commentary on it and most people including a gay man that thinks it’s just a stunt to gain more of an audience.

My dilemma is I really enjoy Marvel Comics and the Marvel Movies and I’m really confused on wether or not it’s morally wrong for me to be entertained by anything marvel or buy anything marvel.:confused:

Comic books went completely nuts years ago when they rebooted everything. All the progressives now have free reign at both DC and Marvel.

Regardless there are still some good stories.

Yes, DC Comics just announced plans to change a longtime straight superhero into a gay one.

So you think it’s a sin to purchase, read or watch anything marvel?

I didn’t give an opinion yet. Was just mentioning the fact that DC is doing this too.

There’s very little any of us can do to avoid the sinfulness of others. If you pay for cable, you’re paying for programs that indulge in sin. If you watch television for free, the sponsors still pay the programs money based on ratings.

If you go online, it only takes a few minutes to find news coverage that is glorifying something liberal.

You can try forming a sinless world around yourself by only watching TV shows that are for children…but they’re out to get our children too. You could maybe just quit using the internet and the TV and hope for the best. With e-readers, you can read books all day, books you want to read.

So…it’s up to you, your choice on how you want to deal with the situation. I don’t think it is a sin to see others sin. I think if you buy the comics with the sole purpose of enjoying homoerotic fantasies, then you have an issue. Learn to detach.

Definitely not that. There are some good graphic novels that are wholesome in many respects. I really like the art and the characters and the dynamics of everything. Some pretty clever story telling.

Sadly, some women in my generation have this sick fetish for gay sex in comics and manga. :mad:

Marvel’s upcoming gay marriage in X-men is hardly the first gay marriage in comics and one of DC’s ofshoots could really make a better claim to have shown gay superheroes marrying years before this. There was another thread running on this and I kept pointing out gay characters have been appearing in Marvel and DC titles for years now. I view both Marvel and DC’s moves at the minute as gimmicks to get sales, but then that is how the industry works.

I assume you mean “yaoi”, the Japanese word that has come to mean animated homosexual intercourse and relations? Its an incredibly pervasive movement on the internet and other forms of media. Its almost impossible to go anywhere on the internet and not see some hint of it. Its in manga, TV shows, books, movies, comics, and if “yaoi” is not found in any of those mediums, other girls will usually put it there by way of fanfiction or art.

I’m actually really turned off by both Marvel and DC’s blatantly obvious (and contrived) attempts to gain more fans through gay characters. Its ridiculous. I don’t generally like comic books, but this has effectively killed any interest I had in them.

Yes, yaoi. Sadly, this had spread way beyond anime and manga. I’ve seen some rabid K-pop fangirls make yaoi pairings between K-pop boyband members. :mad:
Problem is, a lot of yaoi fangirls in the West hate heterosexuality. Hence, me wanting to fight them.

Problem is the controlling interests at these two companies are pro-homosexuality. Although you’d rarely find kids generally terribly interested in reading their comic books anymore, as they’ve effectivly destroyed that “appeal to kids” in the post-code era…

What sane adult would want their kids reading about a Gay Marriage?

There’s more out there than yaoi. There’s also what is called “slash” fiction. For a little while, when I was still liberal minded, I had a lot of online friends that liked to write “Clex,” which was fan-fiction about Smallville’s Superboy and Lex Luthor, in a homosexual relationship. (I’m talking about the TV show, where the characters are adults, not children) Some would write or read the Clex because they felt the female love interests on the show were too boring, or they wanted to imagine themselves involved in the Clex, or were just all around gay themselves. They would also create photo-manipulations of the characters in the throws of homoerotic passion.

Just about every sci-fi shows has a slash fanbase.

I would never promote such comic books to anyone.

Both companies are now part of the propaganda machine. Just like comedian Whoopi Goldberg explaining Leviticus to her audience as part of her act. It’s called propaganda. I can’t stress that enough.

I say don’t buy certain books from Marvel, DC or Archie, who had their own ‘gay wedding’ issue. The same with some manga.

A stunt? No - not by a long shot. And I have contacts in the comic book industry and have watched it change over the years. It’s headed in the wrong direction.


The end of the Comics Code Authority, in the end undermined by the major companies(DC and Marvel especially, with their own agenda), has all but crushed the industry’s appeal to what was once it’s primary audience, kids and young teenage boys, as the companies began to drift towards more niche “adult” audiences(I call them the “Comic Book Store Guy Crowd” that need to really grow up, Same crowd that are obsessed with Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and such violent games). Censorship is a good idea most of the time, and companies like Marvel and DC have yet to realise(like the Wrestling organisation the WWE, eventually did, shifting back to a PG rating in 2008) that their future is STILL in entertaining young boys with age appropriate content.

Just look at how immoral Hollywood is these days as compaired to the “Golden Age” when Censorship kept it in tow.

Personally I hope one day, that Marvel and DC suffer from the same problems that Vince Mcmahon Jr. eventually did, with Sponsors threatening to withdraw, ratings falling(after the gimmick of “Attitude” had worn off), threats of Lawsuits from the “other WWF”, criticism from various safety authorities over insane stunts that had ended up killing a performer, having longtime Television partners refuse to run the program and when they did it was censored most of the time… etc. Might teach them a bit of humility and might make them realise that sex and violence isn’t appropriate for their proper REAL target audience.

So your opinion is that some of the Marvel/DC comics are okay for Catholics to read? That is all I’m trying to figure out.

I’ll tell my kids the horrors of it!

What you guys fail to realize is that there’s an increasing amount of people who write slash fiction, and buy the comic books to imagine homosexuality between straight characters. So, making a gay character makes those people excited and run to the store.

Just like when J.K Rowling announced Dumbledore was gay. It was just a stunt to excite slashers.

These companies and authors knows that straight people will learn to put up with diversity, so they lose nothing.

I do not get their rationale for doing such things. Do they hate heterosexuality?

Yes they do… They continue to agressively erode their appeal to “the traditional comicbook audience”, and risk marginalizing their comic books even further. Why do you think these comic books have become much less profitable after the end of the Comics Code? while ironically their mostly more appropriate film franchises seem to be flourishing and raking in the cash by the bucketful? You need only to see The Avengers to realise most sucessful comic book films manage to “reach” that audience of young teenage boys that has always been the backbone of the industry. The films have yet to kowtow to that agressive homosexual agenda, because the studios know young boys ARN’T interested in seeing gay characters. The movies retain that sense of clear Good and Bad, and clear comical/fantasy violence. Yes Batman films are much more violent than before(and it’s really the only mainstream exception), but it remains in the minority.

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