Marvel movies and Planned Parenthood


My parent and brother want to go watch a movie. It may be Marvel who allegedly funds Planned Parenthood. Would it be wrong of me to watch the movie?


Can you quote any links about Marvel and Planned Parenthood. I’d be very interested to know so I could share this with my sons.


Disney world owns Marvel and Star Wars… unfortunately…Life Decisions International has had them on their boycot list for years, not sure if they still are but probably. They also host gay pride days at their theme parks.

My daughter likes these movies and I tolerate watching them with her once in a while although I tell her my beef with Disney.


So I’m guessing I boycott Marvel?


A boycot is your choice, it’s a good thing to do although it’s not a sin to see the movie unless it’s content is bad.


I am guessing it is Antman and the Wasp.


That is up to your conscience.

It is not a sin to go enjoy a Marvel movie.

No movie is wrong unless it is tempting you or leading you to sin.

I would avoid movies that glorify evil and exalt in lewdness or violence just for shock value. I also avoid movies that dabble in the occult.

You have to use discernment and decide what types of media is good and helpful for you to watch.

But it’s not sinful to enjoy Disney or Marvel movies. You’re not directly supporting Planned Parenthood. So just decide what you’re personally comfortable watching, but don’t judge others who feel differently than you.


That is one of the choices


What’s the other choice, Deadpool 2?


Update: Skyscraper is what we are watching


I don’t believe that’s Marvel, so problem solved?


Last movie I saw was “Paul, the Apostle of Christ” and saw it with our Priest so I know it was “Church approved.” :slight_smile:


I need to see that movie! It’s not in theaters anymore and I have no idea where I can watch it :pensive:


Did they portray Judas as going to heaven in that movie?


I think it was on Netflix


I don’t Judas would be relevant since he already died long before Paul started to be a Christian.


I remember reading an answer saying that Starbucks also funds Organisations like Planned Parenthood. However, there is no sin to buy a drink from Starbucks because your money which actually helps them to fund PP is soooooo remote it’s negligible. Do note that PP isn’t the only thing that Starbucks funds. This essentially means only like 0.0001% of the amount from your purchase actually goes into helping fund PP. It’s not just Starbucks and Marvel, many organisations do include some immoral fundings (eg for unethical purposes). If we had to boycott every single company, restaurant and mall which did so, then we have to go back to the farms. Even so, some farms may very well be donating to such organisations too.

So no, no sin in watching Marvel.


No it’s not a sin, but wouldn’t it be powerful if people who don’t approve of a company’s promotion of certain social issues (say, gay marriage, or abortion / pp) boycotted that company? Say, Starbucks? I think the lure of Disney / marvel would be too much for a lot of folks though.

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