Marxist manipulation of race politics disguised as social justice

I have been reading Ion Pacepa’s book Disinformation. Among other things he lists how Soviet propaganda worked to replace Christianity in Left politics and Left churches in the United States.

One example he gives is with the manipulation of people on the Left to create division by emotionalising them in seeing America as a racist country and their moral duty to fall in line with Leftist control of government and morals to combat this (much created) situation.

One example (page 1) :

-In March 1996 it was reported that there was a ‘huge increase’ in the number of arson cases committed against black churches.
-This was reported both by The National Council of Churches (NCC) and the Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR).
-On June 8 President Bill Clinton denounced the fires and proposed a new federal task force to investigate them
-President Clinton recalled with sorrow his ‘vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in my own state (Arkansas) when I was a child’.
-On June 15 the FBI assigned 200 federal agents to a new task force to investigate the fires.
-By July there had appeared 2200 news articles condemning the fires and what the CDR called ‘a well-organised white-supremacist movement’.
-In Geneva the World Council of Churches (WCC) (of which the NCC was affiliated to) flew 38 pastors to Washington DC to provide the American government with more information about this racist tragedy.
-On July 13 President Clinton signed into law an Act making church arson a federal crime.
-On August 7 President Clinton signed a spending bill including $12 million to combat fires at churches with black congregations.
-The NCC then ran full page ads in the New York Times, Washington Post et cetera soliciting donations for its new ‘Burned Churches Fund’.
-On August 9 the Wall Street Journal reported the NCC had already managed to raise nearly $9 million and with the new ads it was now receiving about $100,000 a day thanks to concerned citizens.

Then the bubble burst.

An independent group, the National Fire Protection Association established that there had not been a huge increase in fires at churches but actually a continuing decline in recent years.

Law enforcement officials of the south could not confirm that ANY church fire had been racially motivated.

Further it was found that no racist black church burning had occurred during the childhood of President Clinton in Arkansas.

The political damage was done however. Because of deliberate false reporting and unfounded reporting many assumed the church fires were truth and America was chided both by domestic participants and international leaders over fires which did not occur. People were emotionalised into wanting to believe the worst and this was a substitute for their own sense of goodness which could be controlled and manipulated politically.

continued. below.


Ion Pacepa was the highest ranking Soviet intelligence officer to defect and had been the leader of intelligence in Romania during the cold war. He was privy and a participant to Soviet efforts to sow discord and division in American society. He related that both the NCC and the CDR were Soviet backed Marxist groups and that even in the WCC (World Council of churches who sent the pastors) there was heavy infiltration by Soviet agents.

Pacepa mentions on page 107 (on the chapter of Soviet promulgation of Liberation Theology within the Catholic Church in South America) how they influenced the election of the leadership of the WCC and in 1985 managed to get one of their own Marxists elected as general secretary.



Marxism was relatively unsuccessful at catching on in America because there was relatively strong social mobility and therefore the lower classes had less to be upset about and less incentive to seek out false panaceas to alleviate their plight.

Alt leftism has funneled its way into America through the door of race because race is an “original sin” of America where there is discontent and the perception of injustice (to what degree that injustice might be real or imaginary is irrelevant for the purpose that it is effective at wiping up the crowd) and their end goal is to silence people, such as Catholics and others, that disagree with their views by constructing a narrative that those groups are institutionally oppressing them. Once legislation has been passed to put power behind that movement, such as hate speech laws in Canada, there is theoretically almost limitless room for personal interpretation in order to apply those laws towards all sorts of people. Where that will lead in ~50 years is anybody’s guess, but the potential for a new brand of fascism to rise not in Russia but in Europe or North America is very real.

Individual gays or blacks (and a list of other minority groups) that go against that narrative are perceived as an enormous threat because they unravel those identity politics. But otherwise, yes, emotionalizing groups of people is a highly effective tactic.


Actually, in the 20s and 30s all the hip cool kids were into communism and eugenics and all that .
Then along came WWII and Americans saw the fruits of eugenics in the form of the Nazi master race, and the fruits of Marxism in the oppressive communist regimes that were seemingly taking over the world, one country at a time.

But since the end of the Cold War we have a generation that doesn’t remember the communist threat, and the WWII generation is in their 90s and dying off…


I remember this story. There was a similar series of stories recently about Jewish cemeteries being vandalised, with tombstones tipped over, which turned to be due to normal subsidence.

Both right and left manipulate the subject of race for political gain. The important thing is to be aware of this and to look at the evidence carefully before coming to a firm decision on any race issue.

Look up Saul Alinsky. I truly believe it’s Saul Alinsky tactics used by many to stir up division Nation wide. Look at the media, not one negative thing was said about Obama and every single day 10 times a day on each channel , they talk negative about President Trump. The democrats need new solid pro life pro marriage leadership dearly.


Pacepa’s book is very important. People should read it.

Regarding liberation theology, I can add that then Cardinal Ratzinger proved it wrong in the 80s, however it still grew as a movement in Latin America, where I live. And this is very important for us Catholic to understand. It doesn’t matter if you prove something is wrong or heretical if you don’t stop its spreading as well.

Now, in regard to soviet infiltration, I highly recommend every american to read “American Betrayal”, by Diana West.

She isn’t Catholic, but she shows many interesting information that American Catholics should know. In this book, the author really makes a good case about how communists infiltrated the American government and its consequences.


I just found this talk on YouTube regarding the book you mentioned.

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Heck, a sitting Pope, JP2, decried it in its very place of birth


Which document should I look for?

1984 “Instruction on Certain Aspects of the ‘Theology of Liberation’”

This one was signed by Cardinal Ratzinger (later, Pope Benedict)


My bad.

It was under Pope John Paul II’s reign, though.

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Yeah, right. Except for Fox.
And Brietbart.
And InfoWars.
And Time Magazine.
Etc. etc. etc.
. . .

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Fox I will give you, although sometimes they justifiably called Obama out on his radical agenda of abortion and same sex marriage, and national divide. The others aren’t mainstream media. NBC. ABC. CBS. Late night… Hammer away at Trump every single day. Not a peep about Obama.

What a great example. Thank you.

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Apparently you didn’t read the articles linked.

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