Mary above Jesus???

I read an article on the internet that the Pope will raise Mary above Jesus. Is this true:confused:

Nonsense. Looking at the links in your signature I can see where you might read such an article. Without even reading any such thing I can say without fear of being proved wrong that it’s a load of plain old anti-Catholic hooey.

Does he have them both there? I doubt he could lift her, he’s like seventy something.

:rotfl: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it April Fool’s Day? Where in the world do you get such nonsense?!?! And why on earth would you ever believe such a silly thing?!?!

Mary was over Jesus…

… at least until he was a teenager. Then he was over her. And, of course, for a year or two they were probably pretty equal.

Anyone got some Polaroids of the early years so we can figure out when this occurred? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller???

Seriously, I would love to see what site this idea came from. I’m getting bored getting my faux-news from The Onion.

I guess you’re a troll. LOL

It seems par for the course. My Mother is Catholic, and in her room nothing but a picture of Mary, her praying cross, and a statuette of Mary. Not one King James Bible or picture with Jesus in it. I love my Mom and pray she’ll accept Christ as her true savior. I’m just relieved she didn’t make me go to Catholic church when I was a small child. Who knows what manner of criminal behavior could of happened to me.

I keep seeing those articles linked on yahoo, from Huffington Post garbage, etc…

It’s really quite funny the way the secular media has always bent and twisted Pope Francis’ words to mean something far far different from what he actually said.

He was only saying basically that Christ received his humanity (flesh) from Mary, and that she’s the mother of the Church, and that both Mary and the Church lead us to Christ our Lord and Savior.

Of course the secular media twists that to mean that he’s elevating Mary over Christ. LOL

There’s no reason she would have a King James Bible.

Well…let me ask you…by having a KJV, by having a statue of Jesus, or a picture of Jesus…would that make her a better Christian?

Do you think by not having a picture of Mary, andhaving a KJV bible…Jesus would look at you with more favor than your mother?

And by the way, which KJV-the original 73 book KJV or the 66 book KJV should she have?

This is a very offensive post - particularly the last sentence. Plenty of Lutheran ministers have abused children as well, you know - it just hasn’t gotten the same publicity because there isn’t a single global Lutheran Church as an institution nor would it sell as many papers. Studies have confirmed that priests are no more likely to abuse children than anyone else. The sad truth is that sexual abuse of minors is a widespread problem in many institutions, and the vast majority of cases concern family members…

Anyone who has studied Catholicism would see that it is patently false that Mary is “above” Jesus. Have you ever attended a Catholic mass? The entire Mass is extremely Christocentric. In fact, on the surface, the Catholic and Lutheran masses are very, very similar in text and structure. Do you realize that Martin Luther continued to hold the Virgin Mary in very high regard and honored her as the sinless Mother of God even after breaking with Rome? Do you think that the true Church of Christ sprang into being out of nothing in the 16th century?


Take a deep breath and relax.

He won’t…and he can’t.

Mary is a creature. Born of mortal parents. Not divine. Cannot become divine.

Jesus is divine; having existed from before the beginning with the Father. Became human. Had only a mortal mother to accommodate the incarnation.

Humans can become “God like”, but they cannot become God. God became human while remaining God…

Therefore, Mary, cannot be held up higher (if such elevation assumes she is divine) than Christ…as a matter of fact she cannot be held up equal to Christ…what she can do, and what she does is point us to Christ.

She will always be venerated, but can never be worshipped.

Protestants may not get this (especially our Lutheran brother who made some rather disparaging comments in this thread), but Catholics do!

Peace and all Good!

Partly my curiosity. I think it’s important to learn how other denominations think, and to confirm or deny things I’ve learned. And partly to spread the gospel. No need to shout. :slight_smile:

You have a very skewed vision of Catholicism unfortunately. I encourage you to read what the Church actually believes about Mary, and not assume from how many pictures of Mary are in your mom’s house that the Church places Mary above Jesus. That’s ridiculous, I’m sorry.

I happen to have more statues and pictures of dolphins in my house then I do of Jesus, that in no way means I have no relationship with Christ, or that I put dolphins above him. You’re not able to make that kind of judgement sir.

And your last sentence was extremely offensive. The vast, vast, VAST, majority of Catholic priests are good, God-fearing men who have devoted their entire lives to serving Christ. How dare you slander them like that.

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet”, Abraham Lincoln.

Strive to work from reputable sites.

You would profit more by spreading the gospel to non-Christians. It is always wise of course to remind fellow Christians of the Good News but you should be aware prosleytising is strictly forbidden here for Christians or non-Christians.

I suggest you are addressing a caricature of Catholicism which is sad indeed considering your mother is a member of the Church. Also your post making unsavoury remarks about child abuse was in very poor taste I would say.

So far, you have shown a lot of misconceptions, been corrected or refuted, and you run away from responding to difficult questions poised to you. :shrug:

And partly to spread the gospel. No need to shout.

Which version of Gospel do you wish to spread? Your version? Do you think you have the correct version of the gospel?

So let me ask…do you think or consider us Catholics as Christians?

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