Mary and Jesus, their bodies and the Eucharist

How did you ever get to “Mary is part of the Eucharist” ?

We do not know whether the Holy Spirit miraculously provided a “male side of the chromosome” or not. I have heard it said (sorry, don’t remember where) that the virginal conception of Our Lord may have been parthenogenesis, and that a miracle took place, to make the unborn Jesus male instead of female. If I am understanding correctly, parthenogenesis always replicates the gender of the parent. I have also heard (again, don’t remember where) that Our Lord was miraculously caused to have some resemblance to St Joseph, so that people wouldn’t start off speculating that “maybe Joseph isn’t His father” — kind of like if a ginger-red child is born in a family of brunets. People talk.

After meditating on the fact that She is the only one technically “related” by blood to Him. She also according to many private revelations of saints, (MCoG as well), underwent all of the pains miraculously suffered by Christ in order to be as close to Him in all things. Its actually amazing how close and how holy She is.

According to eastern tradition She even was asked by God if she wanted to “die”, though it was different than our death by sin, (its called the Dormition - the falling asleep) in order to experience a separation of Her soul from Her body like Christ right before she was bodily assumed into Heaven.

I have heard this too. I think it comes from Mystical City of God.

That sounds about right. That sounds like something that would be in MCOG.

I normally do not capitalize pronouns referring to Our Lady (soli Deo honor et gloria), but I have seen this done before — the Blue Army used to do it, and may still, for all I know.

Well even Christ called her The Woman…from genesis. It like if a painters greatest work was only referenced as “The Painting”

Blue Army?

It is now called the World Apostolate of Fatima. It is kind of like a sodality or confraternity of sorts (though they don’t call it that), where the faithful sign a pledge to say the rosary daily, wear the brown scapular, make the five First Saturdays, and offer one’s daily duty as a sacrifice. They practice a Marian spirituality that some might find a little over-the-top in some ways, but there is nothing “wrong” with it, and many people find that it brings them much closer to God. I have found that it does precisely that, though I no longer identify explicitly with the organization. Very good apostolate.

We know Jesus obtained his humanity from Mary. Exactly how at the chromosome level they are different we don’t know but Jesus is a separate person in his humanity. The Eucharist is ultimately a mystery so I would not speculate about it.

As we say in the Creed, Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father. Even when we receive his body and blood, he is seated beside the Father.

Mary is the source of the material that makes up the body of Jesus, but the form of the body is the soul, which is created immediately by God. That form includes shape and size, and the chromosomes that determine shape and size and other material characteristics. (this may be pushing “form of the Body too far, but it makes the point) It does not have to bear any resemblance to Mary, though the close relationship of mother and child, =nurture, ensures some similarity.

In the Eucharist, the bread and wine we offer become the material of the Body and Blood of Christ. The soul and divinity are joined to that material just as they were joined in Jesus. Jesus still sits with his Father, but is also present with the material that was bread and wine.

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