Mary and salvation confused?

Hi I was wondering In my prayer book and in the rosary 15 promises I says that Mary gives you salvation ? How so ? I thought Jesus was the only one who gives you salvation ?
also how do we know the 15 promises are accurate becuase the other story has it the monks made it up out of knots in a string to keep track of prayers becuase they had to pray 150 psalms a day ? Just wondering , help please ?

Thanks chuck

What, exactly, does your prayer book say?

I am sure it does not say Mary died for your sins. The 15 promises of the Rosary do not include that Mary gives you salvation. Perhaps you are misunderstading one of them.

The fifteen promises of the Rosary do not explicitly guarantee salvation. Promise #5 says those who entrust themselves to Mary will not perish and promise #15 says devotion to the Rosary is a sign of predestination. When I read these promises by the light of faith, I conclude that one who devotes himself to the daily prayer of the Rosary is predisposed to living a sacramental life (i.e., frequent communion and confession). Remaining in the state of grace, united with Jesus in this way leads to salvation. The rosary is just one means of keeping a Christian oriented toward eternal life.

The fifteen promises:

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My prayer book says " sweet heart of Mary be my salvation" ! How does that work and why if Jesus is the only way and to grant you salvation ? That’s what I mean

I can’t tell you what the author of that prayer had in mind when he/she composed those words. My first thought is that Mary, as well as the other saints, is a role model. If our hearts are disposed to serve the Lord as Mary’s heart was disposed to serve the Lord it would surely help us in achieving our goal, i.e. our salvation. This is not intended to separate Christ from salvation by raising the notion that we somehow save ourselves.

Thanks :slight_smile: also what does this mean then “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.” how can that be ?

I don’t know the full prayer…

But many prayers are poetic and use flowery language that is not as precise as we might like. Or the meaning of the worlds may change in emphasis over time.

In this case Mary is not the source of ultimate salvation. Rather, she points us toward her son and disposes us to accept the salvation he offers.

Maybe think of it this way: Suppose you could not swim and fell into deep water. But then someone throws you a life preserver attached to a rope. You catch the life preserver and the person who throws it begins to slowly pull you to shore. You might consider that life preserver to be “your salvation”. In fact you are not completely safe until you reach the shore and are pulled out of the water. But the life preserver has saved you from the most immediate danger.

So it means through the intercession of Mary etc growing closer to Christ that means we can achieve salvation ? Is that right ?

The Rosary and Scapular are two of the most popular devotions partly because they are among the simplest. (EDIT: The Rosary is the peasant’s “Liturgy of the Hours” and the Scapular is the layperson’s “religious habit”) They also happen to be directed through Mary. Any true devotion to God, pursued until the end, will lead the devotee to salvation through Mary’s son. Even though Jesus did the work, He chose to “share the credit” with her (the God-bearer - Theotokos) for reasons only He knows.

It simply means getting people to pray.
The idea is that we only make progress if we pray, using the sacraments which is the Church’s prayer, or using sacramentals, which have the church’s blessing,are reminders that lead to private prayer. It is always thru prayer, our dependency and need for God’s assistance, that we will endure.

Now a simple way to introduce prayer are the simple scapulars, medals, and the rosary. This of course then leads a person to the higher forms of prayer, the sacraments. It is a way to get a person to shake of the rust of lethergy and begin to live a spiritual life. It all starts with prayer and only gets better.

We might stand on our heads all day and scream out to someone to go back to church, all in vein. Give them a scapular, gets them to pray a little, and then thru the grace of little beginnings, this will eventually nudge them into going back to church.

For example the Miraculous Medal. The mother of Jesus spoke to sister Catherine Laboure 1830.

“Have a medal struck… All who wear it will receive GREAT graces; they should wear it around the neck. GRACES will ABOUND for persons who wear it with CONFIDENCE.”

Later Mary said, “… it must be given to the whole world and to every person.”

Mary made us, her children in christ, a promise of great graces for those who wear the medal and pray. Would the mother of God lie? She promised, and all we need do is to ask for GREAT and ABUNDANT graces.

Where does she get these graces from? Her Son, just as she got a favor at Cana from her Son, his first miracle. The medal is called miraculous for a reason. And the image is “Our Lady of Grace”.

“Great graces are often attached to what seems trifling.” St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

And so the saying, “One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.”

It is a gift to her children, to all of us, because she is our mother and cares deeply.

Just a few thoughts.

I can’t remember the source, but I think I read that Blessed Jacinta Marto (one of the three children at Fatima) said those words during her final illness when she was still a child. I assume she was the originator of those words. Don’t know if this helps, but if I find the source, I’ll post it.

In the Eastern praxis we pray to her, “Most Holy Theotokos, save us.” But isn’t it Jesus who saves? Mary saves us by bringing us to her son, and bringing us under her protection as our Most Holy Mother.

Jesus Christ has redeemed us, and sent the Holy Spirit, which we receive to make us like Christ. It is necessary that we consent and remain in charity for salvation. We express our willingness to cooperate with the help of the Holy Trinity when we make a plea to our most Holy Mother that we may have all those Christlike qualities, like those that the Holy Mother has obtained from God, and the most Pure Mother has Christ in her heart. We ask that she obtain (request) the same for us. And she is well suited to ask because she was surely assumed, body and soul, into heaven. The prayer is:

Prayer to the Most Pure Heart of Mary

   O heart most pure of the Blessed Virgin Mary,       obtain for me from Jesus a pure and humble heart.

   Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation.

   Blessed Virgin,  who didst keep in thy heart the       precious treasure of the words of Jesus thy Son and,       pondering over the sublime mysteries therein contained,       couldst only live for God, how I am confounded by the coldness of  my heart!  Ah, dear Mother, obtain for me the       grace of meditating always on the holy law of God and of       seeking to follow thine example in the fervent practice       of all the Christian virtues.

   Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation.

When my little sister was sick with a bad cough, Mom gave her the cough medicine that our family doctor prescribed.

Who cured my little sister?

Oooohh! So many choices! Can I play?

Lest’s see, our options are:

A) the doctor
B) Mom
C) the guy who invented cough syrup
D) the guy who mixed this particular batch of cough syrup
E) the pharmacist who sold this particular bottle of cough syrup
F) your sister’s own immune system

The correct answer is…

G) the God who called the doctor, comforted the mother, inspired the inventor, gave work to the mixer, gave compassion to the pharmacist and created your sister (along with her immune system)

That isn’t what I posted.

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