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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In reading and sharing Our Lady of Kibeho, it seems to me the world needs God’s Mercy more today than ever. Next week, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Pope will open the “Year of Mercy”. Yesterday, reading the book, Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa, two things struck me:

  1. Marie-Claire had asked Mary why she came to such a poor country as Rwanda and Mary had answered that she came because it’s such a little, unknown place. She wanted to show the world that God sees and hears all of His children – rich or poor, white or black, man or woman. She also said that Rwanda was special to her because the people here were humble and had a great faith in and respect for God and they had a warm place in their hearts for Mary. (Underlining is mine for emphasis)

  2. Marie-Claire also said Mary kept repeating the same message: “When I address myself to you, I am talking to the whole world. I have not come to Rwanda to speak to only those in the parish of Kibeho. When I speak to one person, I am talking to all of God’s children everywhere.” Mary told her that she was in Rwanda to convert hearts back to Jesus and encourage people to say the Rosary because it’s the most powerful tool of prayer and conversion we have to fight evil and receive God’s love. Mary kept repeating: “Repent, repent, repent!” (Underlining is mine)

May this Advent be for us a time of repentance for sin, and a time of great gratitude for God’s Mercy! May we pray the Roasry with greater attention and devotion every day until His Final Coming, and include the prayer of Fatima: “O my Jesus, pardon us and save us from the fires of hell. Draw all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Your Mercy.”

God chose those whom the world considers absurd to shame the wise; he singled out the weak of this world to shame the strong. He chose the lowborn and despised of this world, those who count for nothing to reduce to nothing those who were something; so that mankind can do no boasting before God. (1 Cor 1: 27- 29)

In other words, the humble understand that everything is from God, and all praise and honor are due Him and not themselves, unlike the proud. Whether it was St. Juan Diego, St. Bernadette, The 3 shepherd children at Fatime or St. Faustina Kowalska, they were humble and unpretentious people whom Our Lord sends as his messengers. Just another clear example of how Our Lord God’s ways are so much higher than our own, and the folly of God is much greater than the most profound of human wisdom.

If the whole world prayed the Rosary every day and asked God to save the whole world every day, He would! No one would go to Hell!

Dear Belshazzar,

Thanks for the quote from St. Paul – so appropriate for this thread!

How slow mankind is to hear God’s Word and Mary’s messages which come from Him. I posted this thread on another forum and someone wondered if it is pride that keeps people from devotion to Mary. Perhaps so.

Dear MiserableSinner,

Thanks for your reply. It is important also to pray well. If the whole world simply said the words with little attention and devotion, then as St. Teresa of Avila once said, their lips may be moving but they are not praying.

Many people praying the Rosary with attention and devotion; that is, truly from their minds and hearts – would give evidence of the faith that moves mountains. I hope you are praying your Rosary well. I know I try to pray well – it is not easy – but I believe God looks at the effort that we give Him. Like the poor widow, let us give ALL we have.

Non- Catholic Christians reject Marian devotion for one reason, because it’s a “catholic” thing. Just as many Catholics avoid citing Scripture, especially chapter and verse, because only “protestants” do that. If only we could hurdle these prideful obstacles it would benefit the Christian cause tremendously, especially now when the need for unity is stronger than ever.

Dear Belshazzar,

Thanks for your reply and thoughts on rejection of Marian devotion. I thought it might be good to post my friend’s reply more accurately, since I believe she was referring more to Catholics than non Catholics – although her thoughts may refer to both groups. She wrote:

In every instance of Marian apparitions, the visionary is always one with great humility…I wondered, is it our pride that makes so many resist Our Lady? I ask because I think that’s where I used to be, although I never would have labeled it as such back then when my minimal Marian prayers were “formula” type said in great part out of mere “habit”. It was only when I began to beg Our Lord for the humility of Mary that my eyes opened to the deep and profound relationship with my heavenly Mother.

I think she may have a good insight.

You also may be correct that non-Catholics are as much opposed to Mary as they are to the Catholic Church. Mary is an icon of the Church, so it makes it even more urgent for us to pray the Holy Spirit to gather us all, as He gathered the early Church around Mary at Pentecost. I find more Catholics listening to Scripture and remembering words from Scripture more than previously. It has not been my experience that they don’t quote scripture because it is Protestant – but rather they simply don’t memorize scripture as much as Protestants – thus don’t know chapters and verses…There are more Catholic Bible Studies today, it seems to me, and I thank God, for that is truly a work of His Holy Spirit in us, teaching us more and more the complete Truth of Jesus.

God chose Mary to bring Jesus into this world at His First Coming and I believe it is through Mary, He will come again. St. John Paul II told Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary: “Remember, Victory will come through Mary!”

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us! Immaculate Queen of the Universe, pray for us!

Dear liturgy96,

Thanks for your reply and for your prayers. Our Lady of the Rosary and Immaculate Queen of the Universe are certainly tow titles of our Mother which our world needs to remember. May our Mother Mary continue to intercede for us all!


Dear Sarcelle,

Thanks for your reply. Today is the First Saturday of December – and I hope many of us, by God’s Grace, prayed Our Lady’s Rosary with all the devotion and attention possible. Nothing is impossible with God! :slight_smile:

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