Mary Ann Collins


A Protestant friend gave me a book from this woman (never made her vows but she’s declares herself to be former nun). The book is called “Another Side to Catholicism”. I am not an expert apologist nor Historian but I know enough refute about 80% of her charges myself.

A Catholic friend told me a lie is like finding a worm in the sand, where one finds one worm, then just dig deeper and one finds more…This pretty much my stance on this book.

By the way, I gave my Protestant friend Karl’s Keatings book (C and F).

My question to you guys is where can I find more on Mary Ann Collins; Who is she? What is the real reason why she left the church, and so on?

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You might pose this question in the AAA forum and let the experts fill you in.they probably know of her. :slight_smile:


She has a website

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