Mary? Any Questions?


You might find this helpful: It is from right here in the CA Library:

Deals with the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption.


And this, also from the library, deals with "ever virgin’.



Read these

Why Catholics Believe in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Another articles on Mary by Dave Armstrong (for me the #1 apologetical resource on the web along with

Dave Armstrong’s articles on Mary

As for Mary’s assumption read also this excellent article from This Rock magazine:

Assumptions about Mary

Check it out! :thumbsup:



Thanks Lily,

  • anything about Mariolatry? I think there is/are some Papal document/s that speak/s about that also


This article from Adoremus may help. . . Read it all the way through.


#32 from Pope Paul VI’s Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus (mentioned in the article) might be close to what you are looking for:

[LEFT][size=3]For Catholics, devotion to the Mother of Christ and Mother of Christians is also a natural and frequent opportunity for seeking her intercession with her Son in order to obtain the union of all the baptized within a single People of God.(95) Yet again, the ecumenical aspect of Marian devotion is shown in the Catholic Church’s desire that, without in any way detracting from the unique character of this devotion,(96) every care should be taken to avoid any exaggeration which could mislead other Christian brethren about the true doctrine of the Catholic Church.(97) Similarly, the Church desires that any manifestation of cult which is opposed to correct Catholic practice should be eliminated.[/size]
[LEFT][size=3]Finally, since it is natural that in true devotion to the Blessed Virgin “the Son should be duly known, loved and glorified…when the Mother is honored,”(98) such devotion is an approach to Christ, the source and center of ecclesiastical communion, in which all who openly confess that He is God and Lord, Savior and sole Mediator (cf. 1 Tm. 2:5) are called to be one, with one another, with Christ and with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit.(99) [/size][/LEFT]


Marialis Cultus - that’s it!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I saw your Q’s on another forum and wrote about Refuting the Attack on Mary.

What book did you order? Just curious; I love books and am always on the lookout for something good!



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