Mary Appearing to an Indian

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t there a claimed vision involving an indian boy or girl (can’t remember the gender) saying that Mother Mary appeared to him/her? An indian living in indian culture and not Christian culture?

Could you be referring to Our Lady of Guadalupe?

She appeared to Juan Diego, an Indian. The Wikipedia article about her is here:

I don’t think so, those around Juan were Christian, correct? I was looking for an apparation (I thought it was of an indian girl in the 1500’s) of Mary appearing to one of the indians living in a non-Christian society, and afterward the indian converted becasue of the vision.

maybe a mormon would know?

An aboriginal Mormon? :wink:

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It could be the "Virgin of Coromoto” Patroness of Venezuela. You can read her story here.Simply put, in 1651 She appeared with the infant Jesus to the chief of a small tribe of Indians, and instructed him to take his people to the white men and get the water on the head so they could enter heaven.

The chief did as She told him to do, but couldn’t adapt, so he went back to the forest. She appeared in his hut to him and his family, and although She was surrounded by a heavenly aura, the chief wanted nothing to do with Her. In fact, he picked up his weapons and was preparing to attack Her to get Her to leave. When he reached out to grab Her, She vanished, leaving a small holy card in the chief’s fist.

You can read about how Hugo Chavez is trying to suppress veneration of Our Mother of Coromoto here and here.


Perhaps you are thinking of Our Lady of Vailankanni in India.

This June, we had a 3 day celebration of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. After Mass on the first 2 days, we were invited to stay for some films. One on Lourdes and one on Vailankanni, which is known as the Lourdes of the East because of the healings that occur there. Interestingly, Muslim and Hindu pilgrims outnumber Catholics visiting the site.

Actually, Our Lady of Guadalupe does seem to fit the bill since she appeared to Juan Diego in 1531. While Juan Diego was a Catholic, many of those around him still weren’t; in fact, due to the apparition, lots of Indians (8 million) converted to Catholicism just as the Church was losing numbers in Europe due to the Reformation.

Cultural differences are human inventions. We are all children of the same God. Mary was said to appear to Catholics in China too. She even appeared to Muslims and protestants in Egypt in an apparition known as Our Lady of Zeitoun.

The China one wasn’t officially approved by the Church, but it hasn’t been condemned either. It apparently is still a popular devotion. The one in Egypt was approved, though, by both the Catholic and Coptic Churches.

I see from your posts that you have an interest in Marian Apparitions. I started studying them too. I’m starting off with Fatima. Fascinating stuff, huh? I’m enjoying talking about these things with you.

Yeah I’m interested in them, some times they drive me to tears, imagining if she appeared to me, it would be terrifying but awesome none the less. But my main reason for asking this question is because a friend of mine is implying all visions are of the mind and that Christians seem to have visions of Mary, Moslems Mohammad, Buddhists Buddah, Hindus their own gods and goddess’. So I was wondering about the cases when Mary appeared to non-Catholics, if there were any.

In that vision I mentioned that was in Zeitoun, Egypt, lots of people who don’t venerate Mary saw her. It was seen by protestants and Muslims, including Abdul Nasser, the then-President of Egypt.

It’s very easy for them to criticise – they don’t study it at all. They claim they do, but a lot of the rubbish they use are half-facts and non-facts, making assumptions and ignoring a lot of stuff. Like I put in another thread where I replied to you: they can study it first, then we’ll talk.

Nobody falls into atheism. It’s a choice people make. No one can say they are an atheist because of their study of logic and facts; they don’t really study the facts at all. Atheism was their choice, and in going with that, they decided to ignore to ignore truly studying these things. As there is no shortage of books based on these visions and other things like that, their atheism was not an accident.

I really am not one who cares whether or not a person is an atheist. I have a life myself and I don’t care about them making that stupid decision (and again, I stress that it is an obstinate decision, not a rational conclusion). However, when they start just spouting things out that aren’t true, then I won’t let them go. They go on to tell other people who believe them, and soon you have a whole army of atheist idiots who are too stupid and lazy to actually study what they’re talking about. People need to learn when to shut up.

You might be remembering the story related in the life of Ven. Mary of Agreda:

In doing a search of this I noticed an article that would seem to address this, but was unable to access it: “Mary of Agreda and the Southwest United States” by William H. Donahue.

there is a similar story related in Willa Cather’s book Death Comes to the Archbishop, about how the first bishop of Santa Fe met in his missionary journeys to the Indians a tribe who had a tradition of a vision from a Lady in Blue who sent them in search of the Christians priests.

In that case, you’ll definitely want to research more carefully Our Lady of Zeitoun. This apparition was seen by millions of people :eek: :cool: :cool:. It was photographed by the international press, and pictures of it appeared in newspapers worldwide! The Egyptian police did a thorough check within a five mile radius because they thought it was probably an elaborate hoax, but they could not get it to stop and came back empty-handed. Doves shining with light and flying in the shape of a cross were photographed, and the Virgin Mother hovering in the air with a halo around her head, or other times sitting and holding the Christ-child, were seen and photographed. She shone with dazzling, terrific light and was seen by millions. White smoke smelling of incense rose from the ground, and angels were seen soaring overhead. Miracles occurred too, on the site. Many Muslims and Protestants converted. She appeared repeatedly there, often for hours at a time, for three years, visible to everyone who cared to come and look.

Abdulla Nasser, president of Egypt and Marxist, went to the church and saw the apparition. The international news not only photographed it- they also televised it. Heaven opened on this occasion in one of the most stunning occurrences mankind has ever seen.

You can see the films of the Zeitun apparitions yourself here.

Our Lady of Zeitoun is a good example, as others have pointed above.

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