Mary as Fourth Part of the Trinity

I have a professor who spoke last night about John Paul II trying to make Mary the fourth part of the Trinity. I said I had never heard of this before, and couldn’t imagine it to be true. The professor went on to say that there was a movement in Europe for this to be declared a doctrine of the Church.

Has anyone heard of this before? What can you tell me about it?

Scout :tiphat:

JPII never tried to do any such thing.

However, check this out.:bigyikes:

Total hogwash. If any silly and ignorant Catholics came up with this they 1) don’t know the Faith and 2) certainly would never have had the support of the late Holy Father.

This is a professor of what?! :eek:

Professor Chick? :rolleyes:

Four parts of a Trinity. Obviously not a math professor either!

That would be a ridiculous doctrine.
JPII did have an enormous respect for Mary, but i still don’t think he would do something like that.

And, in passing, would it still be called a trinity with a fourth part? Wouldn’t it be a quadity or something?

Who are these ppl??? Do you know of their origin or beginnings???

Ooh, how dare they call themselves Catholic!

Sometimes the best possible answer is “Prove it!”

Maybe he’s confused about the movement in some areas to declare Mary Co-redeemer and Co-mediatrix. John Paul II convened a committee to study this question and the committee reported back negatively on the question, saying, among other things, that it was not even clear what those terms would mean.

The committee’s report is on the internet somewhere, but I couldn’t find it just now.

would we Catholics then worship the holy rectangle. or even diamond.
Diamond has a nicer ring to it. no pun intended. :smiley:

Yes I have heard it before. Funnily enough, it didn’t come from a Catholic source but from a (mildly) anti-Catholic source!

It’s complete rubbish…

hahaha the holy rectangle


Can you imagine the hassle involved! Two thousand years worth of re-writes?


I believe what your professor is referring to is the concept of co-redemptrix. This states that Mary was a co-redeemer of sins with Christ. Check here for more information. For a first hand resource, try here.

Draw whatever conclusions you will.

Peace and God Bless,

  • Yeshua

Funny that. I had that very same accusation levelled at me recently by a Protestant about Pope Pius viz…that he said Mary is to be exalted with the holy trinity.

When I looked up the actual quotation it was a misquote. He had actually said that she was to be exalted with reference to the holy trinity, because of the incarnation and her son being divine etc…etc…

It seems some protestants are more determined to diefy Mary than any catholics :smiley:

ps…that link is really sad Alexaustralia :confused:

blasphemers. Should be disciplined by the church if you ask me.

Where is this Catholic movement? I only hear about it from Protestants?

The same question goes for the “Mary is God” page. Who are these Catholics? I’ve a sneaky suspicion that it may be put up by anti-catholics wanting to “prove” how outrageous the Catholic movement has become.

OK, I found the summary of this commission’s report:

The only thing close to what you are saying, although it has nothing to do with the deification of Mary,might be concerning an apparition of Mary at “Tre Fontane” in Rome where Mary identified herself as “the One who is of the Divine Trinity”. The belief is that she has indeed a special place within God, but she is not herself identified as being equal to God. It is written that in 1997, Pope John Paul II approved the naming of the place of the apparition as “Holy Mary of Third Millinium at Three Fontains”.


I’ve often heard it said that JPII was a little theologically sloppy, and that certainly under Benedict, the fifth Marian dogma would never be realized.

You are talking about the fifth Marian dogma?

I bet this movement confuses the heck out of Protestants and Muslims:

“Huh? I thought they *already * worshipped her as god?!”


People from this movement are falling away from the Faith and they became a cult and heretics. There’s no such thing as a goddess in the Catholic Church.

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