Mary as our sister rather than Mother?

Are there any traditions or writings relating to Mary as our sister rather than our Mother?
I find that I relate to Mary better when I think of her as a sister that has been called to divinity from our shared humanity. With Mary as Mother I feel a generational separateness from her, almost as if she is too different for me to share a common experience.


Dear Tim,

Certainly as a member of the human race, Mary is our sister just as Jesus is our brother. But you need to re-think the relationship between parents and children. Quite apart from the human weaknesses that parents and children share with all human beings, there is no human relationship that is more fundamental and deep reaching. Children owe their very existence to their parents—not to mention their hereditary make-up.

From the cross Jesus gave us Mary to be our mother, not our sister (Jn 18:26-27). Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your relationship with your own parents. Despite their faults, God chose one particular man and one particular woman to give you life. I pary that through our mother Mary’s prayers, you may grow in your appreciation of such generational closeness.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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