Mary Assumption? Holy Day of Obligation?


I was wondering if today is an official Holy Day of Obligation. Another catholic told me that at her church since this day falls on a Monday its not a Holy Day of Obligation. She also has a church calender and its not listed as Holy Day of Obligation.

Which is it?I


**Though here in the U.S. it is not a feast of obligation, it does not mean that you shouldn’t go. You should try to attend. If the feastday lands on a Saturday or Monday it is not obligated. Some people are busy on those days, and Sunday is just around the corner. If you miss the Feast it’s not a sin. Mainly the U.S. bishops did this because those days fall too close to Sunday. If it fell on any other day other than Monday or Saturday, it would be a feast of obligation. Each country and rite have different liturgical laws and calendars.
**Here’s the USCCB’s statement on it:


Just to reiterate what R.A. said–

It’s not a HDO this year only because of the day of the week it happens to fall on.

It should be a Holy Day of Obligation in your heart.
If you missed the a.m. mass, try to find an evening one. Most parishes will still hold a mass schedule today that is the same as any Holy Day.


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