Mary being sinless

did she receive more grace than the rest of us? i can barely go a day without commiting some kind of sin. and my original sin is gone…

The idea of “original sin” is not well defined. But humans, as a species, are capable of “evil,” whereas we would not attribute such a capacity to any other animal (regardless of intelligence). Cats and dogs are true to their natures, and are not capable of “evil.”

Whatever makes humans capable of “evil” is rightly termed “original sin.”

The Catholic Church recognizes the possibility that a person might attain complete aversion to all sin (this is called spiritual perfection, and many Saints (such as St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Theresa of Avila) are regarded as having attained this level of perfection.

Among the MANY humans who the Church has recognized as attaining spiritual perfection, there is ONE human who attained this from her human birth. That would be St. Mary.

In this regard, she was not essentially different from Eve, who was created (but not human-born) without original sin. Jesus is the “new Adam,” and Mary is the “new Eve.” They were both created without the stain of original sin, and they both consented to God’s will.

original sin is defined in the catechism as being deprived of god’s original holiness and justice. bbaptism turns a man back towards God, but the inclination to evil and weakness of the flesh still remains. though i guess it’s theoritcally possible that one could attain perfection but it would bery difficult.

Yes, she received more grace. She was conceived immaculately. It’s my understanding that she also had her preternatural gifts intact. I don’t think she had concupiscence that we have, but even so, she didn’t have an easy life.

I imagine Satan must have tempted her like he does with everybody else.

It’s not “difficult” for someone who possesses desire. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux was named a Doctor of the Church (one of only three female Doctors) due to her teaching of her “Little Way,” which taught that spiritual perfection was attainable by anyone (washers, barbers, milkmaids). Nobody needs to live a life of heroic spirituality to attain this perfection. Spiritual perfection (complete natural aversion to ALL sin, both mortal and venial) is attainable to everybody. The only thing that prevents you and I from attaining it is you and I.

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