Mary being without sin?


I am wondering why mary in Luke 1 talks about her saviour? Why would she be in need of salvation if she was pure in that way? Luke 1: 47 “And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior”.

Thank you.

To be saved from something does not require that you where actually involved in the thing you were saved from.

If you are walking along and are about to step into a hole and I come along and guide you away from it, you were saved from falling into the hole.

Mary was indeed saved from sin by the grace of God. However, as in the example, it does not require her to actually fall into sin to be saved from sin. Surely Mary would have sinned at some point had it not been for the very special grace from God that she had received. Mary received prevenient grace that saved her from original sin and actual sin.

So Mary did indeed have Jesus as her Savior.

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