Mary bracelet - take it off? Leave it on?

No idea if this is the right forum - forgive me if I’m mistaken. Here’s my question - going on an important job interview. I normally wear a dangling Blessed Virgin Mary bracelet. It’s not huge - but it’s noticeable for sure - the metal is about the size of a quarter but oblong. I’m thinking I should take it off - no idea what sort of impression it would make and in this job market - I don’t want anything to tip the scales against me. Is that sinful? Like I’m ashamed or want to hide her? I’m feeling slightly guilty - but maybe it’s wise to take it off - given our culture? What say you?

I really need this job. Would Mary understand?

If it’s dressy and goes well with your work clothes I’d leave it on. If you work for them they will figure out you are a Catholic soon enough and there’s no crime in that! :smiley:

But there’s no sin involved if you choose not to wear it.

While there is, in my mind, no one size fits all answer I would say that for sure it is not sinful. On the other hand, it would be a personal call. What is more important to you? Your devotion to Mary or getting the new job.

That’s my struggle - I love Mary of course, and I once I know people I openly talk about my faith if it comes up in causal conversation. But I worry that what if the person interviewing me is a former-Catholic-who-hates-the-church sort of person? I’m not gong to report to this person - this is just the first interview step. So both are important to me I guess.

One thought I have is that if the person interviewing you is truly that anti-Catholic that they’d choose not to hire you if they knew you were Catholic- do you really want to work there? I’d be more inclined to leave it on. Not make a big show of it or anything, just let the chips fall as they will.

Talk with Mary. See if you can repair your lack of faith or your fear with something that would strengthen your faith and bring more people to her.

I don’t mean this in a “guilt trip” way. But really talk with her and see how you can deepen your faith no matter what. Mary should know and understand how you feel.

I wear a rosary ring on the middle finger of my right hand. It’s stainless steel but polished so it’s very noticeable. I have people ask me what it is all the time, and I tell them it’s a rosary ring, look it spins! Usually their response is oh that’s cool! If someone decided not to hire me based on that, I would accept their decision but also probably tell them off for being so intolerant, ignorant, and unprofessional.

It’s truly up to you, but if you want my advice, leave the bracelet on. If my rosary ring were to make someone uncomfortable, that tells me all I ever need to know about them. If a bracelet with Mary on it causes you to not get a job, I can guarantee you it wouldn’t have been a job you would have been happy with anyway.

I’m with the leave it on group here. I sat on many interview panels and it wasn’t something would have swayed me either way. Like others have said, if wearing a medal of our Blessed Mother causes you not to get the job…well it wasn’t the job for you.

A dangling bracelet of any kind doesn’t strike me as professional. If you’ll be wearing a suit or equivalent for the interview, lose the dangly jewelry.

Yes. For the most professional impression, jewelry is best at an absolute minimum for an interview.

The rule of thumb for interviews is to dress the way you would for the job itself…or a little nicer. So…if the job is the sort where you would wear your bracelet, then I’d say go for it and wear it for the interview. If the job is the sort where you wouldn’t wear the bracelet, then leave it off.

I would leave it on. Absolutely leave it on. Hide her? She’s definitely no one to be ashamed of. If you’re judged negatively for your devotion to Mary, it’s their soul, not yours that’s lost. Letting the fear of what our current anti-Godly culture thinks…well…I just wouldn’t worry about it. How they can hate God and Mary so much, I’ll never know.

Thanks all! I appreciate your responses. Decided it wasn’t very professional to have dangle bracelets for the interview so I took it off. Plus truth be told, I was nervous enough and didn’t want to add to that worrying about what they might be thinking if they saw it.

The interview went really well - but in the end, I’m not sure it’s the job for me.

Again - thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

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