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This is your chance to get involved with the declaration of Mary as Co-Redemptrix. I for one am excited.

The 5th Dogma:

Recently the Pope has been referring to a “New Pentecost”. He has been saying this for at least a year, and just recently in Australia.

As I understand it one of the visits by the apparition of Mary to Faustina, stated that she wanted to be declared Co-Redemptrix, and that when that happened a “New Pentecost’ would come upon the church and the whole world. This New Pentecost would not happen until the Dogma was declared.

We need this now more than ever. The world is in dire need of a new awakening of their conscious. Perhaps this would cause the leadership of the world to re-examine their methods and policies.

At any rate there is a link to the letter that you can send to the Pope, requesting that this be done. This is your chance to get involved in perhaps one of the most Historic moments of the church since Jesus started it. You will be able to tell your grandkids that you were involved, if you send off the letter.


I and my family have sent ours.


Personally, I hope this dogma is not authoritatively defined because it doesn’t need to be. Things should only be defined when there is confusion and if it is edifying to the faithful.

We all know that the Blessed Mother helped Christ in his redemptive work by agreeing to the Incarnation, and by commanding his disciples to “do whatever he tells you” during the wedding at Cana. We also know that Our Lady has helped convert many sinners to Christ.

However, the dogma of “Co-Redemptrix” will only add to the confustion about Mary amongst Protestants and many faithful. Nothing will change if this dogma is defined; although I do think it will cause many people stress, particularly those within the Eastern rites who have had to deal with many latinizations over the years.

The reasoning behind this title is sound theologically, but I don’t see the need to declare this theological opinion as necessary for belief.

Furthermore, I do not see how this can be seen as an Apostolic belief. I know that the Eastern Orthodox would most certainly disagree with this dogma.


It is necessary if you/we desire a “New Pentecost”.

Which is exactly why you shouldn’t worry about offending the Protestants.

If there is already confusion abounding, then a “New Pentecost” would clear it up.
And as far as stress goes, some people always get stressed out when they hear the TRUTH. But then after, begins the healing.

Once again you seem to be worried about how others “feel”, rather than expressing the TRUTH.



“At the request of His Father and His Mother Christ died that the Church might share, not just any level of holiness, but the most perfect level, that of the superabundance of grace (cf. Rom 5:15) in that Virgin whose name is “Full of grace” (cf. Lk 1:28; Eph 1:4) But it is also true that when Catholics fail to believe this enthusiastically and Church policy fails to be articulated about this absolute Marian priority, the devil is well on his way to sowing the bad seed successfully and harvesting a bumper crop.”

“Instead, her cause seems presently, in theory and in practice, to be on trial, the object of doubt, and the subject of censure by theologians and of silencing by ecumenists, precisely under her title of Immaculate Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all grace.”

“Hence, to the degree that the serpent can successfully persuade us to continue to debate the issue—whether the Church and all her members should publicly acknowledge the universal mediation of Mary, rather than resolve it in her favor—to that degree he has staved off final defeat. Only this, absence of a positive conclusion in the form of a dogma, not a negative judgment, is all he needs.”

"…a conquest facilitated by the popularity among Christian believers of monophysitism, or what today we might call a Christus solus soteriology, or more exactly, a form of the “anti-Marian” "
syndrome, “the little hiss from hell.”


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