Mary could have made a beautiful princess Leah


I always like the movie Star Wars when it first came out, and I can imagine Mary would have been right there beside Luke, actually she probably was, handing him the syringes to cause the storm troopers to relax and not get so hyper about it all. :smiley:
finish the story or add this can be more entertaing than the #######. Mudgies. Go Mary you rock!!!


There must be something in the air today.
What’s with the star wars madness today :eek:


Lol yes…
My fave all time movie!!


Me too the good against the bad and you can believe that Luke’s dad darth converts in the second one.


yes for sure!


you’ve got to be kidding right?:mad: what has this got to do with non Catholic religions? saying things like this about the Blessed Virgin is ridiculous and frankly, insulting to our Lord and His most beloved mother.


But one can at least appreciate the zeal and enthusiasm of “Go Mary, you rock!” :smiley:


regardless, this is insulting. Mary is not an object of entertainment and to even add to this “story” is simply disgusting. do you think our Lord would approve? No.


It is presumptuous to for me to think what the Lord would do exactly. But from what we do know, I think he would have lauded the zeal and mildly rebuked the context.


your right, we do not know what the Lord would do. the fact is, i highly doubt He would be pleased if His holy mother was made light of and an object of entertainment. I also doubt very much that the Blessed Virgin herself would like this. it is not a joke you know.

this post comes off to me as a joke. like saying, she would hand out syringes to keep the stormtroopers calm? come on! that is a tacky thing to say about the Blessed Virgin. where is the humor in that? its not funny by a long shot.

Our Lord deserves to be treated with the utmost respect, and He would be offended if we made light of His mother. Mary is the Immaculate Conception, not some imagined princess handing out syringes to an imagined stormtrooper to keep them calm. this is ludicrous and insulting to the heavenly Father.


Yes, there is a basis for irreverence in the post. However, there is an element of zeal and enthusiasm (Mary rocks!). Hence, the best solution is to encourage the zeal, but redirect it to a more reverent context. Hence my earlier “laud the zeal and gently rebuke the context.”

Historically, the Church has used one context to lead pagans to the faith; here we just have a different form of paganism – Hollywood.


I couldn’t help myself to correct the title of this post, and call me a geek if you want, but it was “Leia” not “Leah”.


well, hollywood schmollywood. i don’t care a hoot about hollywood.
i just figure that the Blessed Virgin should not be likened to an imaginary princess and someone who would hand out syringes to keep storm troopers relaxed. i’ve said my peace, and i’ll keep quiet now.


All Christians, Catholic or not, should care about Hollywood. The message they regurgitate on the wide screen and in their personal lives is the epitome of affronts to Christianity. The values they inculcate in our youth heavily undermines the teaching and practice of the Judeo-Christian ethic.

It propogates mindless violence, sexual immorality, alcohol and drug use … the list goes on. If this is not opposed, then it continues.


Yup, I nodiced that too. Leia is the fictional princess in star wars. Leah was Jacob’s first wife, the mother of Reuban, Simon, Levi, Judah, Issacar, Zeuban(sp) and Dinah, and the ancestor of David, and Christ.


Greetings and peace be with you dessert;

Mary could have made a beautiful princess Leah

One thing is for sure, Princess Leah could not be made as beautiful as Mary.




i totally agree… this is very inappropriate. the Blessed Virgin is not a science fiction character, she is the Mother of God.

Dominus vobiscum

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